Opening the Vaults: Girl Guide Awards’ Season

Spring is awards season in the world of Guiding, from the presentation of the Chief Commissioner’s Gold Award and Lady Baden-Powell Award and beyond. The recognition of  a girl’s growth and achievement has always been a significant part of Guiding.  Today we look back at some of our award recipients from the past.

May6_SilverFishLady Pellatt presenting the Silver Fish to Florence Hardy of the 7th Toronto Company, 1915.  Miss Hardy was the first Canadian to receive the Silver Fish Award. The Silver Fish was a girl award from 1910-1917, becoming an adult award in 1918. (GGC National Archives  APH 3a)

May6_GoldCordSea Ranger and Gold Cord recipient with Governor General Vanier, 1965. The Gold Cord was discontinued in 1971.  (GGC National Archives APH 1415)

May6_B.C.GoldCordGold Cord presentation and ceremony in Kamloops, B.C., 1967.  Left to right – Nels Mitchell, Debbie Bob, Mary MacDiarmid, and Gayle Gottfriedson.  (GGC National Archives APH 42) (Photo by Neil Macdonald, Kamloops News Advertiser)


All Round Cord recipients, New Liskeard, Ontario, 1969. The All-Round Cord was discontinued in 1993.  (GGC National Archives APH 41)


Ranger and Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award recipient, Sandra Boersma, with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, 1973. (GGC National Archives APH 1447)


May6_CanadaCord B.C. Guides Canada Cord recipients with Mrs. Owen c 1970s. The Canada Cord was introduced in 1971 (GGC National Archives APH 37)

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2 Responses to Opening the Vaults: Girl Guide Awards’ Season

  1. Audrey Forrest says:

    These photos brought back some special memories. It was heartwarming too, to recognize a couple of faces from the past. Uniforms worn by the girls and leaders were so very smart looking. The awards were hard-earned and proudly worn by the recipients, just as they are today.

  2. goldielover says:

    I could never remember if I got my Gold Cord in 1970 or 1971. I do know that I was among the last cohort to get it, and my younger sister got the Canada Cord instead. I still have it, along with my All-Round Cord, badge sash and enrollment pin, but the rest of my uniform was given away to a girl whose family would have had a hard time affording a complete new uniform. My mother did take off my Patrol Leader stripes and badge, and the company shoulder flash before it was given away, and I’ve kept those too. I was living in Nanaimo when I was a Guide.

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