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30 Years of Girl Guide Scholarships

GGC’s National Scholarship Program recently opened for 2015, and this year we are celebrating 30 fabulous years of awarding scholarships to our members. In 30 years GGC has proudly awarded GGC members 427 scholarships, for a total of $570,000.00. That’s a whole lot of scholarships!

We reached out to some past GGC scholarship recipients to learn what they are up to now. It’s no surprise to find out that many have not only continued their membership with GGC, but have gone on to do amazing things in their Guiding, professional and personal lives.

Has Guiding influenced your educational or career goals?

Feb26_scholarship_HeatherMartinDefinitely, my decision to pursue Exercise Science and Sports Administration was directly related to experiences I enjoyed within Guiding. My experiences both as a camper and staff at our provincial camp, and then as a volunteer at Our Chalet and Sangam, gave me opportunities I wanted others to share.

Heather Martin, 1988 scholarship recipient, community, recreation and leadership training,  Pathfinder Guider, Trainer, GM16 Liaison

I think Guiding has always given me a good grounding in being community oriented and working with people – skills that I use every day as a lawyer.  As a girl growing up in the Guiding movement, I always realized that there was nothing that I could not do – whether it was setting goals, leading activities, travelling, and then later being a leader as well.

Virginia Schweitzer, 1991 scholarship recipient, corporate lawyer, Pathfinder Guider

Feb26_scholarship_JulieHawkeGuiding exposed me to a lot of social issues when I was young, which in part made me interested in becoming a social worker. I’ve taken a lot of what I have learned from Guiding into my career. For example, part of my job is facilitating training on adoption issues, and Guiding gave me a lot of tools in how to deliver good training and how to make it fun for participants!

Julie Hawke, 1997 scholarship recipient, social worker, Trefoil Guild, Leader with Girlguiding UK

Feb26_scholarship_AngelaCrane (1)It was in Guiding where I first learned to plan and run an event, where I first learned to work in a team, and where I was first able to explore my likes, talents and interests.


Angela Crane, 2004 scholarship recipient, university lecturer, Guide Guider, Deputy District Commissioner

Guiding taught me responsibility, initiative, and determination. It helped develop my communication skills and taught me many life skills. Guiding developed my “need to know.” Because of Guiding, I am able to communicate well with my patients, I am driven to constantly improve my skills, and I have a thirst for knowledge.

Brittany Chandler, 2008 scholarship recipient, registered nurse, Pathfinder/Trex Guider, District Secretary, Guiding Mosaic Planning Group

Why have you continued to stay involved in Guiding?

I have enjoyed the interactions which I have had, with girls and Guiders. I believe that Guiding offers the opportunity to learn, develop and practise skills which are important if one wishes to be a contributing member of society. I have met some wonderful people through Guiding.

Helen Smith, 1989 scholarship recipient, secondary science teacher, Trefoil Guild

I believe in the power of young girls. I believe that every girl has the right to achieve her full potential. I believe that Guiding can help girls be exposed to an environment that fosters growth, strength and determination.

Andria MacAulay, 1993 scholarship recipient, family physician, Brownie Guider

I believe Guiding provides opportunities to girls that no other program does. It gives them an opportunity to learn, play and create values in a safe and fun environment.

Dawn LeBlanc, 1994 scholarship recipient, nurse practitioner, Pathfinder/Ranger Guider

Guiding is a big part of who I have become and I am very thankful for that. I am excited to have fun with my daughters and their friends and to give great experiences, leadership and new skills to the next generation. 

Nicole Sugiyama-Trenholm, 1999 scholarship recipient, occupational therapist, Sparks Guider

Feb26_scholarship_JillDreggerI enjoy seeing the development of the girls that I have worked with and believe strongly in the values that Girl Guides presents to young women. As a leader, I have also enjoyed the friendships that I have made with other adult members. 

Jill Dreger, 2002 scholarship recipient, geologist, Pathfinder Guider

Feb26_scholarship_logoGirl Guides of Canada’s 2015 national scholarship program is now accepting applications! Whether you’re heading to university for the first time, tackling an apprenticeship as a mature student or heading back to college part time, there’s a 2015 national scholarship that’s right for you! 

The application deadline is April 1, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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