Girl Guide fun + chocolate = the perfect Valentine’s Day

The Quebec Chocolate Challenge!

What’s more fun than making and eating chocolate? Sharing, of course!

The 1st Valois Brownies created an event called “Chocolate Wonderland” to complete the Quebec Chocolate Challenge and in the spirit of sharing, invited the Valois Sparks in order to pass on some serious cooking (and tasting) skills. We also invited the Rangers to lend a hand, as we love the role model they offer our girls.

Feb12_choc_collageThe Brownies came up with their own recipes, organized who would bring what ingredients, and prepared them with the help of our guests. Our creations included Chocolate Ice Cream Sundaes, Chocolate Berry Smoothies, Brownie Pops and Rice Krispie Surprise with a special Girl Guide ingredient (*hint: they are minty and chocolatey!). We captured the evening with photos and the girls later put together a cookbook entitled “Brownies Bake-Its” that doubles as a photo album. JGraphx provided us with the finished product which we shared with our guests.

After the demonstration, we got to sample all the delicious treats as we gathered around the Rangers camp blankets that they brought. What a great way to display girls’ Guiding achievements! The Sparks and Brownies were quick to decide which crests they want to earn during their Guiding careers.

By guest blogger Esther Szeben. Esther is a Guider with the 1st Valois Brownie Unit and the District PR Adviser for Valois-Dorval. This post originally appeared on GuidesQuébecBlog.


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