What I learned as a girl, stays with me as a Guider

I Promise to share and be a friend.

It’s the fundamental principle we teach our youngest girls, Sparks. The ability to share items, tasks and feelings with each other can be a scary thought for any member in Guiding no matter the age. And to be a friend – providing companionship to all by sharing , giving compliments and praise as well as support. These principles are things we as leaders stand behind no matter the age group we are with.

When girls make their Promise, they are making a personal pledge that will stay with them into adulthood:

I promise to do my best,
to be true to myself, my beliefs and Canada,
I will take action for a better world and respect the Brownie /Guiding law.

From this we teach the girls to try their hardest at all things they embark on in life, stand up for themselves and their beliefs  while also respecting the beliefs and opinions of others. We encourage girls to take action for a better world by creating a safe, caring and encouraging environment for each other to grow as individuals, to learn about themselves, others and the world around them, and to acknowledge that the actions and words we choose often affect others around us and not always in a positive aspect.

With Pathfinders and Rangers we help them to explore the world and the many opportunities it holds, and to embrace who they are individually by encouraging them and allowing them to make informed decisions. We also stand back as they plan activities, watching their self-esteem and self-worth blossom because of it.

These are the principles on which Guiding has been founded and these are the principles that as a girl I was raised with through the Guiding program. As society has changed, we have adapted to what each girl and their family needs from this organization. Sometimes we seem to step away from the principles of Guiding as a place where guiding girls to become independent and strong young women are held second to our own personal ideals. As a Unit Guider, I’m always learning from my girls and trying to focus on what Guiding is all about – a sisterhood of girls and women believing and encouraging each other to create a positive and lasting change in our own lives, our communities and the world around us.

By guest blogger Marissa Wilson. Marissa is a Guider with the 1st Innisfail Sparks, 2nd Innisfail Brownies and Deputy Commissioner of Golden Poplar District in Alberta.



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