Reading – a pastime, a passion, and a way to take action

Guide_readingReading is one of my favourite things to do. I would probably say that I’m a bit of a fanatic about always having a hard-covered book to read. I have tried e-books (I commend everyone who can master that technology) and even paperbacks. But I always find myself coming back to a hard-covered book, especially when it is a new release from my favourite author (James Patterson), as I am too impatient to wait for it to be released in another form. Here’s a little secret about me….when I finish one of his books, I go to the bookstore to see when his next release is due as I’m so enthralled to keep reading the storyline.

As a child I read most of the limited selection that was available at that time, but as my own children were growing I found myself engrossed in tales of adventure, fantasy, make believe, and imagination. Dr. Seuss had meaning as a child, but as I grew older the messages were even more profound. Books such as Seuss’s  Oh the places you’ll go  and Love you forever by  Robert Munsch held just as much inspiration and deeper meaning for me as an adult as when I was a child.

Today, I am a whodunit buff. I love tales of intrigue and mystery that are thrillers and keep you on the edge of your seat with each page. Whatever your preference in literature is, I hope that you embrace reading with passion, gusto, and a sense of exploration. With every turning page, more is revealed. How awesome is that!

As we approach Family Literacy Day on January 27, it’s a great time to consider how your unit will participate in our new National Service Project, Words in Action. This is a great opportunity for girls to explore the world of possibilities that literacy can open up for them – and how they can provide service to others through literacy activities.

By guest blogger Sharron Callahan. Sharron is Girl Guides of Canada’s Chief Commissioner and International Commissioner, and also a book lover.

words in action crestWords in Action runs from January 2015 to August 2016. Girls only need to complete one service activity to earn the crest, which will be available from beginning the third week of January.

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2 Responses to Reading – a pastime, a passion, and a way to take action

  1. Kelly radonjic says:

    Our unit the 112 brampton spark unit and 105 brampton brownie unit is going to the Brampton library to read with the 107 Brampton guide unit.

  2. Charlene Roziere says:

    Building a Little Free Library would be a great project in support of the Literacy National Service Project. There have been many built by Girl Scouts and Scouts in the USA, but I haven’t heard of any built by Canadian Girl Guides, Pathfinders or Senior Branch members. If this idea would suit your girls, you can learn more at:

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