Cookie All Stars – More Than Just a Laptop

How a Brownie became a Pathfinder, and turned her cookie goals into a laptop for school…

When I was in my first year of Brownies, the Cookie All Stars program was brand new. I was really excited about the rewards, so I jumped right in wanting to sell 80 cases. My parents suggested that I try for a smaller goal first so I sold 15 cases instead that year. I felt pretty proud of myself and wore my very first Cookie All Star crest with pride. The next year, I wanted the Chapters gift card, so I worked very hard and sold 30 cases.

From Brownies to Pathfinders, Meg worked hard on her cookie selling goals... and earned herself a laptop for high school along the way.

From Brownies to Pathfinders, Meg worked hard on her cookie selling goals… and earned herself a laptop for high school along the way.

Then, in my first year of Guides, after my “cookie selling training” I decided to set a really big goal: to buy myself a laptop before high school. That year, I sold 40 cases of cookies and earned the $125 Future Shop gift card. The next year, I didn’t think I could sell 80 cases, but I wanted to see if I could sell more than the previous year. I was able to sell 52 cases and earned a second $125 Future Shop gift card. Finally, as a third-year Guide, I decided this was the year I was going to be a top performer and reach the 80 case level. I spent a lot of evenings and weekends going door-to-door and heard a lot of “No thank you,” but I persevered and completed my goal of selling 80 cases of Girl Guide cookies, earning a $250 Future Shop card!  I almost couldn’t believe that I had actually accomplished my goal and had enough gift cards to buy myself my very own laptop!

But it wasn’t just ringing doorbells that sold all of those cookies, it was my confidence and perseverance. I used to be so shy that I would knock on the door and pray that nobody would answer!  Now I’m much more independent, courageous, and able to talk to people I don’t even know! Along the way, I’ve learned ways to sell more efficiently and get a more positive reaction at the door. This is what worked for me:

  1. Always wear your uniform!
    People love seeing your badges, hat crafts and pins, especially if their daughters were in Girl Guides!  Some people will even buy cookies just because they love that you’re wearing your uniform!
  1. Talk to teachers, family and friends
    Always ask your teachers and principals if they would like to buy some cookies!  Lots of teachers would love to have a box of cookies on their desk to munch on or buy some to treat their class. It’s the same with family and friends. Plus, family and friends will buy even more cookies just to support you!
  1. Leave “Sorry I Missed You” cards
    If you’re going door-to-door and someone doesn’t answer, leave a “Sorry I Missed You!” card in the door with your Guider’s contact information. You can print them off of the Girl Guide website and put on your first name and your home phone number. You’ll sell more cookies easily!
  1. Always use your manners
    Manners matter and make a huge difference!  People love Girl Guides who say please and thank you, even if they don’t want to buy your cookies. If they say no thanks, don’t mope around and grumble – smile and thank them for their time!  And if they do buy some, always remember to thank them for supporting Girl Guides! It’ll go a long way!

I really love selling Girl Guide cookies … it’s such a fun thing to do!  Selling cookies has taught me both social and money handling skills, as well as improved my public speaking and confidence in myself. I think cookie selling is good for girls because it teaches goal setting and life skills they will need when they get older. It can also give them a huge sense of accomplishment.

Girl Guides makes me feel better about myself. I think it’s pretty amazing that not only have I helped my unit and local camps, but the entire Guiding community across Canada just by selling cookies!  And now I see that this past summer, I didn’t just “buy a laptop” … I actually got so much more than that!  What I really gained was a sense of achievement which I will carry with me for the rest of my Guiding years!  And that’s a whole lot more than just a laptop.

By guest blogger Meg Dewar, a 1st-year Pathfinder with 2nd Port Elgin Guides & Pathfinders.

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  1. Sandi Dewar says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Megs’ story. She has worked so hard and I am so VERY PROUD of her!!!

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