Guiding North

What are you doing this summer? For eight girls and two Guiders, the answer to that question is: Why, going on a Guiding adventure to Churchill, Manitoba, of course! These trekking Girl Guides of Canada members are part of one of our awesome national travel experiences this summer. Their ten-day journey involves participating in a scientific research project, spotting polar bears, watching beluga whales, visiting a local aboriginal community, and – well, isn’t that enough!?

 As their trip wraps up, we thought we’d give you a taste of their adventure through snapshots from their Twitter feed, @GGCArctic14.


Every trip involves a bit of waiting – and playing cards!




It wouldn’t be Guiding without some crafting! This time, the girls are also learning about traditional cultures. 




Here’s something you wouldn’t experience hanging out at the mall…



What a way to end the journey….




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  1. So fun!

    Our Newfoundland trip wraps up on Wednesday
    I’ve been posting a daily photo on my instagram account @canadianstarr 🙂

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