Opening the vaults – When camp was ‘jolly’

We had such great feedback on our last post from inside the vaults of the Girl Guides of Canada archives, that we’re giving you another peek at some of our treasures.

Among the most coveted items in our archives are log books where companies (or units) recorded their activities. One log book in our collection is from 1927, and it was donated along with a photo album from the same unit. It’s so revealing to be able to read the girls’ own accounts of their camping trip and to see the images they captured.

Here are some quotes and accompanying photographs from the “The Swallow Patrol Log Book” Camp Notes 1927.

“The Guide Camp was held from July 12 to 28. Marjorie, Helen and Jo went from the Swallows and they all stayed two weeks.”


(Our Tent ‘Joe’ Marj M, Helen, Peg. from GGC National Archives A2011.2)

“We had the most jolly times. We swam, had hikes, treasure hunts and midnight feasts.  Peggy passed her swimming and Jo her fire and tracking.”

The Water Bugs005

(The Water Bugs from GGC National Archives A2011.2)

“We came first when Mrs. Long, the Scout Commissioner inspected us.  This was a stitch because we had not been ready, and everything was ‘under pillows’.”

Tent historic collage

(Our Tent before and after Inspection! From GGC National Archives A2011.2)

“We all went home wishing that it was next year.  It was the jolliest camp on record; everyone had a good time and the leaders were liked by all”


(Guiders from GGC National Archives A2011.2)

What are your favourite retro camp memories? What do you prefer about camping in 2014?


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  1. somers says:

    These are fantastic! Pictures and notes of these girls bring a smile to your face just thinking ofthe fun and friendships!

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