National Day of Honour

National Day of HonourMay 9, 2014, is the National Day of Honour, a day to honour the sacrifices of all who served in Afghanistan. Over the years, members of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada have shown their support and appreciation for our Canadian troops in many ways. Here are some wonderful photos that highlight these activities.


“Day of Honor for Canadian Veterans;  a great initiative dedicated to those who are serving or have served Canada as member of the Forces.  I consider my service humble compared to those who have actually left their families behind for longer periods of time, and had to return to their home country with injuries and maybe emotional pain, or did not return at all. 

I am a Clerk by trade, and have great respect for fellow CF members that have actually put their life on the line, and did not think twice about doing what was asked of them and their families.  As an individual and soldier I can only strive to follow their lead.”

Master Corporal Irene A. Randell
CTCHQ Gagetown

Girl Guides om New Brunswick have had many Girl Guide cookie campaigns to raise awareness about our troops overseas, and enable cookie lovers to buy cookies to be sent in care packages for soldiers. (Source: Canadian Guider)

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Canadian soldiers stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan received a sweet surprise to start off the New Year when cases of Chocolatey Mint cookies arrived in January, 2004.

The cookies had been donated through the efforts of North Pinewoods District, based in Woodbridge, OntaSoldiers with Girl Guide Cookies sent to Kabulrio. During their fall cookie blitz, the Woodbridge Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers asked customers if they would like to donate money to purchase cookies for the soldiers in Kabul. Many units made posters advertising the initiative and the younger girls decorated the cookie cartons before they were shipped to Afghanistan. (Source: Canadian Guider)

And from Guiding’s history….


Girl Guides Contribute to Buy Two 2 Air Ambulances. 1940. Photo: GGC Archives

Girl Guides Contribute to Buy Two 2 Air Ambulances. 1940. Photo: GGC Archives

Photo description: In 1940, Guides from all parts of the British Empire contributed donations towards the purchase of two air ambulances and a motor lifeboat.  This photo shows one of the air ambulances and with Guides and Brownies on the day of its presentation.

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As a way to honour and support this day, here is a list of related girl programming that you can use with your unit:

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Key to Me -My Hero Interest Badge
Key to My Community – Proud to be Canadian

Discovering You – Being a Good Citizen
Beyond You – Community

Be a Model Citizen Module
Citizenship Certificate

Community Connections
-Challenge 13 – Canadiana
-Challenge 25 –  Oral history
-Challenge 31 – Your Interests

Explore Your Creativity
-Challenge 13 – Photo Essay

Global Awareness
-Challenge 29 – The Power of One

Leadership and Management
-Challenge 3 – Role Models

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