Say cheese! Setting up a Girl Guide photo booth

I often forget to take pictures at Guiding events. At our recent Olympic sleepover we chose the scrapbook option in the Quebec Spin Challenge and I set up a photo booth to make sure some pictures were taken. I’ve seen photo booths at Guiding events before, but they were always super creative and I became overwhelmed with the prospect. I wanted something quick, simple and cheap. Here is my list of three things needed for an easy photo booth at your next event.

Picture - Photo Booth
1) A backdrop!

The 2012 Olympics was in London, so I taped my Union Jack on the wall. Alternatively, hang up a blanket, beach towel or plastic table cloth. If taping the backdrop to the wall isn’t an option, it can be pinned to a bulletin board or hung from a curtain rod. For a more elaborate backdrop, add lights, balloons or streamers. Having a set backdrop encouraged the girls to keep the camera and props in one area of the meeting space.

2) Props !

Props can be really fun. I provided a bag to keep the props contained when they were not being used. Here are four ideas for props:

  • Something to put around your neck (scarf, necklace, feather boa).
  • Something to put on your head (hat, tiara, fascinator). For a fast fascinator, twist and sculpt a few pipe cleaners onto a headband.
  • A mask or sunglasses. To make a quick mask, print a picture out (we used the Olympic Rings), glue to cardboard, cut out shape/eye holes, and tape onto a stock to hold.
  • Something to hold (I bought a small Canadian flag).

3) A camera!

I’d recommend that two cameras be brought in case there is a problem with one. Assigning one person as the photographer can provide consistency and order.

That’s it. Three steps, one photo booth, lots of amazing pictures.
By guest blogger Jill Ainsworth, who has been a Girl Guide leader for more than 10 years and currently works with Sparks and Brownies in Westmount, Quebec. When she’s not in uniform, she is pursuing a PhD in Biostatistics at McGill University. You can read her Thinking Day post on the Quebec Girl Guides blog.

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