Opening the vaults: Inside the Girl Guides of Canada archives

The archives at the national office is a treasure trove of records and insignia from the last 100 years of Canadian Guiding.  We have uniforms, badges, publications, minutes and photographs. Here’s a snapshot of just a few of the items in our collection.

eye mask005

This eye shade was given to Miss Gertrude Currie by Lady Baden-Powell sometime in the 1960s when Miss Currie was the Camp Commissioner for Ontario Council.  The accompanying note from Lady Baden- Powell says, “a small souvenir of our sharing the jolly little hut at Doe Lake together! And affectionate thoughts and thanks for everything!” The other tag identifies the mask as being “Made by handicapped Girl Guides.”



Along with donations of badges and uniforms we have received many lanyards and whistles. The bosun’s whistle on the left is very unique.  In order to pass her Ordinary Sea Ranger test, a Sea Ranger had to be able to use the bosun’s whistle to pipe the ‘still’, ‘carry on’ and ‘pipe the side.’

log book1927

A favourite item of researchers are log books, where companies (or units) recorded their activities.  Log books created by girls are especially coveted by our researchers as they allow us to hear the voices of past members and know their real experiences.

If you have anything you think the archives might be interested in you can email us at We are especially interested in unique items, log books and photographs. Please note that we are not in need of uniforms post-1950 or published materials such as program books or back issues of Canadian Guider.

April 7 to 13, 2014 is Archives Awareness Week.


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