Calgary Floods and Girl Guides

On June 20, 2013 a life changing flood hit High River, Calgary and many other Southern Alberta areas. The next day and for weeks later, the Okotoks Girl Guides were drawn to help. Compassion overwhelmed us and we immediately jumped into action. Leaders either volunteered by doing laundry, taking care of children at evacuation centres, donating clothes and house wear items, helping with removal of sludge and debris and more.

As the District Commissioner of Ho Kah Nah I instantly thought of our Guiding sisters in High River. What could the Okotoks Girl Guides do that could involve our girl members but still kept them safe? There was only one clear answer: feed, encourage and lift the spirits of the tireless volunteers and residents of High River.

Ho Kah Na Girls with Red Cross. Photo by Jennifer Carriere

Ho Kah Na Girls with Red Cross. Photo by Jennifer Carriere

The Ho Kah Nah District had just hosted a Pioneer Camp to celebrate 100 years of Alberta Girl Guides one week prior to the floods, and we were left with many bags of marshmallows. Guiders Helen, Carolyn and myself along with our daughters got together and made more than 15 dozen rice crispy squares! It was quite the assembly line. We had two large pots of melted butter and marshmallows going while the girls were either dividing up cereal, butter or forming the treats with extremely buttery hands. The next day Guider Tracy and her daughter helped us distribute the squares along with many cups of ice tea. We took the girls to an area of town that had sustained some damage but were well on their way to recovery. It was a safe place for the girls but they were still able to see the devastation of the town. One Brownie commented that there were no children playing, no children anywhere!

Ho Kah Na Girls with Red Cross. Photo by Jennifer Carriere

Ho Kah Na Girls with Red Cross. Photo by Jennifer Carriere

Walking from house to house, the girls approached Red Cross volunteers and residents with their baskets full of treats. Everyone that the girls met seemed eternally grateful and loved the smile of these Girl Guides. Many even snuck a few dollars into our baskets. After a few hours we were completely out of rice crispy squares and iced tea but the hearts of our girls were full, knowing that a good deed was done.

By guest blogger Jennifer Carriere, Ho Kah Nah District Commissioner

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