Sparks Score Big at Local Science Fair

Recently, the 404 Winnipeg Sparks competed in the annual Youth Encouraging Sustainability Showcase science fair. Last year, the girls won bronze for their “Local Food” project and they were really excited to come back for a second time.

This year their project was called “Keeping Our Creek Clean.” They spent two meetings learning about watersheds and pollution, spent a day cleaning up Truro Creek in our neighbourhood, and also painted yellow fish on storm drains as reminders that the drains lead directly to watersheds, and should be used only for their intended purpose.

The girls prepared their presentation and each girl worked on a particular part of the project. They all practiced really hard and did a great job presenting their project to the judges –who were all very impressed. They won gold!

Evie. Photo Courtesy Rebecca E

Evie. Photo Courtesy Rebecca E

This project is a really great example of how much Sparks can really do. The girls were the youngest in the fair and were competing against students who were a few years older than them.

We are so proud of the girls. Science projects like these allow girls to hone their public speaking abilities, show off their science skills, and to become near-experts in the subject that they focus on!

Back row: Brielle, Evie, Malory, Ayana. Front row: Madison, Lizzie, and Alexis.

Back row: Brielle, Evie, Malory, Ayana. Front row: Madison, Lizzie, and Alexis.

To get involved in Youth Encouraging Sustainability in Manitoba, visit Any Girl Guide unit is eligible to enter a project.

By guest blogger Rebecca Earley, 404 Sparks, Sturgeon District, Prairie Valley Area, Manitoba. The unit guiders include Holly, Brittany, and Rebecca.


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