Cookie Time is Bonding Time

At the little tender age of five, my daughter Amelia already loves Girl Guide cookie sales. She joined Girl Guides late in the fall when cookie sales had already started. Yet despite that challenge, she managed to sell 10 cases, making her the best seller at our branch. Even older girls asked if she could sell their cookies when they had extras unsold. At that time, she had heard about the Cookie All Star incentive rewards for different sales levels and wanted to reach the top level. Although I now realize that she could have reached it if she really wanted to, back then I didn’t want her to burn out in her first year.

This year, Amelia received 12 cases of cookies to sell and was already filling her pre-paid sales from family and friends after the unit meeting. Within days she sold nine cases.

Recently, we had a fast-paced week going door-to-door and participating in the Cookie Blitz. We live in a high traffic community so we were able to set up on pretty much the only road in and out. The area is safe and allows vehicles to stop and pull over without interfering with moving traffic. We set up a sign to let drivers know we were up ahead, and that they could stop safely on the side of the road to buy cookies from us.

Amelia and her aunt selling cookies

Amelia and her aunt selling cookies

Thankfully, my sister helped out as we got quite busy at times and the extra set of hands (that know how to count out the proper change) kept things moving quickly. It was chilly out there but lots of smiles and laughs in between customers as we were sitting at about -5 C° with the wind chill at times, and the sun barely shining through the clouds. But our spirits were bright enough that we never really felt the chilly weather!

I have always considered my daughter and I close but this really helps keep that bond tight as we sang, danced, held hands, and sneaked a kiss or nose rub kisses as we were out selling Girl Guide cookies.

Amelia selling cookies

Amelia selling cookies

And of course, Amelia is enjoying Sparks beyond just the cookie sales! She wants to return next year. I too am amazed at her enthusiasm for selling and how hard she is working despite being so young. I look forward to all the years my daughter stays in Girl Guides, which I hope is until she goes off to college.

Thank you Girl Guides of Canada for keeping our bonds strong!

By Sarah, Amelia’s mom.
Atikameksheng Anishnawbek (Naughton), Ontario


What’s New with Girl Guides? Cookie All Stars deadline extended!

Cookie All Star Banner

This is your last chance to register your girls for this excellent incentive programme. Please ensure ALL qualifying girls are registered by the closing date – Monday May 6th.   Cookie All Stars FAQ (PDF)

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