One Step at a Time (It’s Worth It)

Our Sparks Unit is really taking it’s time fulfilling Girl Guides’ National Service Project. But good things do take time. What is the point in rushing things so that there is nothing to remember later? Operation Earth Action is a wonderful project and should be done with care and passion.

Our Sparks have become more and more involved in their environmental care, at home or at meetings and outings. They have done a lot of growing and it is nice to hear and see the knowledge they gained from it. When they mention what they have changed at home, at school, or found out themselves – with their parents or on their own, it shows us Guiders that we are doing things right!

During our monthly road cleanup conversations, we always have a laugh and become prouder by-the-minute when we hear them tell us what can be composted or recycled and what shouldn’t be dumped in nature. They even tell us “people should know better; they’re adults”. Right they are.

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Our last Road cleanup in January started with rain and cold weather, but again, our Sparks LOVED it. Nothing seems to stop them! A lot of smiles and laughter heard from sayings like “Oh look! That can be composted”, and “that can be recycled“. But the best part was when one of our Sparks said: “I found a wheel from a car. What’s that doing here?” A Guide responded by saying:  “I found the rest…Well parts of it.” She was holding the front light of a car up in her hands while standing in the ditch. Further down a father shouted “I found a stereo and my daughter has the speakers. Want to have a party?”  We all had a good laugh.

Our Sparks do like being active and we like keeping them that way. We have also found that bridging with another unit makes things easier especially when older siblings are in Brownies and Guiders’ children are in girl guides too.

I think in the end we all know why those things ended up on the road, and where they should have been in the first place.  Again I think that project has brought the best out of everyone and involved us all in a really good way!

By guest blogger Ramona Abraham – Guider Diamante, Sparks, Chilliwack, BC. Read Ramona’s previous post on GirlGuidesCANBlog: Operation Earth Action.


scholarship poster 2013

scholarship poster 2013

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