Guiding Culture Shock

I recently spent three years in Guelph, Ontario for university followed by seven months in China for an internship, so I was a little apprehensive about heading home to Montreal. I worried that all the friends I hadn’t seen in a long time would have moved away or forgotten about me, I agonized about what I was going to do with myself now that I had finished my undergrad education and I was apprehensive about readjusting to my old lifestyle. Basically, I was concerned about where I would fit in again in my own hometown.

When I moved to China, I went through a great deal of culture shock, and had a similar experience waiting for me when I got home. Readjustments are tough no matter the circumstances. I spent weeks applying for jobs, but while I did, I figured I might as well contact my old Guiding district. I had been with the same one from Guide age right up to my first year as a leader when I moved to Guelph (where I continued with Guiding) and was happy to learn that many of the same leaders were still around.

Not only were they happy to have me back as a leader, but I had five different units asking me if I wanted to join their meetings. These people hadn’t forgotten me at all! In fact, they welcomed me back with open arms. I think it’s true what they say – in Guiding you have sisters all over the world. It really is a culture of its own.  And what came as a shock to me – although I suppose it shouldn’t have – was how little time it took me to feel welcome again!

Guiders were some of my first friends when I moved to Guelph and I am sure they will be wherever I end up in life!

Guest blogger Elizabeth

Guest blogger Elizabeth

By Guider Elizabeth, 85th Montreal Guides. Elizabeth has been a Guider for 5 years, both in Guelph, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. Meeting night is her favourite time of the week because she never laughs as hard as with the girls. Read her previous posts on GirlGuidesCANBlog:

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UN Image for World Water Day 2013

UN Image for World Water Day 2013

What’s New with Girl Guides? March 22, 2013 is World Water Day! World Water Day offers us the opportunity to raise awareness around water issues affecting us locally and globally especially since 2013 is the International Year of Water Cooperation! Here are a select number of related girl programming activities that you could do with your unit to celebrate the day!

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