Guiding a Family

I was never a Brownie or a Guide. So how has Guiding become such a huge part of my family? Quite simply, a small slip of pink paper came home with my oldest daughter nearly 10 years ago. At that age she really craved structure and rewards for her efforts. I thought, this would be perfect for her. And it was perfect for her, much more so than I ever imagined. She made friends who accepted her for who she was. She had Guiders who helped her to discover the things that she excelled in. Today she is in Pathfinders and has had numerous opportunities to travel and explore.

Photo courtesy of Judy Best

Victoria and Olivia – 2nd Almonte Sparks; Gabrielle- 1st Almonte Brownies; Katey – 3rd Almonte Guides; Danica – 1st Carleton Place Pathfinders; Judy – Contact Guider – 2nd Almonte Sparks; Christy – Brown Owl – 1st Almonte Brownies

My niece and sister-in-law were next to join. Unlike me, Christy was a Brownie as a child as was her mother before her. My niece proudly wears her grandmother’s Brownie pin. Christy is now Brown Owl at Brownies. She says she will stay until my youngest goes through. We’ll see about that!

My middle daughter is now in Brownies with her Aunt Christy. She has had her doubts about it all but she has stuck with it and is now excited to be a Guide next year.

I was next to join. I always said I would join when my twins joined. However, last year I got a phone call from Christy saying that Sparks would be gone if they didn’t find leaders. I decided to take it on. But I needed help. I recruited a friend to join me and with the help of Christy and Mary Dillibaugh (Pathfinder leader, community leader, Guider for over 25 years!), we got Sparks off the ground again. I am very proud of what we have accomplished. I love going to Sparks, seeing all of their little faces and hearing their stories.

This year my twins have joined as well so we now have seven members of our family in the Guiding movement. It’s become part of the glue of our family. We always have something to discuss, something to plan together. It’s become a sisterhood in our own family.

By guest blogger and Contact Guider Judy Best, 2nd Almonte Sparks


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