Why I Volunteer with “The Trefoil”

The other day I had to submit my resume for the chance to be a delegate at a conference. I would be representing a volunteer organization, so I felt it necessary to really highlight the volunteer experience I have, versus the work experience.

For a moment – it was quite overwhelming.

In the process of writing this resume I actually had to come to terms with the fact that I still have managed to raise my hand one or two more times than I had planned to during this year, when volunteers were called for.


  • I am a member of four external organizations (other than work/professional ones)
  • I have responsibilities in three of them
  • I have to hold/attend two meetings per month X three organizations

For a moment, it got me down. But I didn’t have time to sit and cry about it, I had to write a blog post for Girl Guides of Canada – an organization I have been a volunteer with since I turned 19. (One of my favorite ways to volunteer with Girl Guides is via the national office and social media: I am a contributing blogger to their GirlGuidesCANBlog).

I had been putting off the post for longer than a responsible volunteer should have (see the above list as to maybe why). The post, like most that I write, was about a topic I could relate to/speak about: tattoos and Guiding.

I submitted it and thought, maybe, some of the Guiders might be offended, but overall it was a positive piece about inclusivity.

What happened? People misconstrued the words in the wording of GGC’s Facebook post. They came out fighting for an organization they love, thinking maybe it was no longer being inclusive – something that makes Girl Guides of Canada great in all of our opinions.

I love being the volunteer Public Relations Advisor for Dartmouth Shore Area and a guest blogger for Girl Guides of Canada, because we have opened up a dialogue using social media that was once held behind closed doors and in the corner of rooms, between volunteers. We need to be honest about the issues that exist, find best practices and support each other in a new generation of Guiding. We also need to be proud of the passion we have for the organization, it’s why we volunteer.

FB post image

FB post image

Why I volunteer for Girl Guides of Canada can be found in this picture. There were 81 comments that day on GGC’ s Facebook post – all from women who volunteer with passion for an organization that doesn’t care about your race, nationality, economic status, tattoos or colour of your hair.

It makes me not even question why I volunteer. In fact, it is one of my gardens’ roses.

By Sarah. This post originally appeared on Sarah’s personal blog Sarah Smells the Roses. Don’t forget to check out her previous blog posts for GirlGuidesCANBlog: Permanently, a Girl Guide, No one [except ourselves] Puts a Guider in the corner, and many more.


Do you know a girl member (5-17+) who would like to flex her writing muscles? Encourage her to pitch and write a guest blog post for GirlGuidesCANBlog. It will definitely be an empowering experience for her!

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  1. Andrea rodriguez says:

    I only have been in guidind since september last year but i am totally in love with the organization and the girls i will said without a doubt that girl guides is one of the most beautiful and gratefull way to volunteer because it gives you the opportunity to make a difference in a girl’s life and make a difference in yours at the same time.

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