On the Right Path with Pathfinders

Pathfinders (age 12-14) are both a challenging and rewarding age to lead.  This age group is where a lot of girls would drop out of Guiding because it is no longer the ‘cool’ thing to do.  However, our Unit is thriving, with girls who are all very busy with school and home lives but still enjoy being a Pathfinder.

In our Unit we believe in giving the girls structured freedom in choices of what we do as a group.  At the beginning of the year we always brainstorm ideas for badges or outings that they would like to do throughout the year and then they choose their top five or six.   We take this information and use it to accomplish program work, as well as for outing ideas.

When it comes to the actual planning of events it is a shared job.  Swimming was one outing the girls were interested in so two volunteers were to each call either the local school or public pool to get prices and get back to the leaders with the information to plan.  However, they never got back with prices to us so we did not end up going swimming.   Giving them the responsibility of simple tasks lets us know just how much they want to do the activity, and we Guiders do not get burnt out trying to plan everything.  Between August and the end of November our Unit has accomplished a lot:

  • A 37 km bike trip
  • Video host challenge at a local television studio
  • Tree planting
  • Making dresses out of pillow cases for girls in Africa
  • Planned their own Halloween party
  • Learned how to camp in the cold
  • Went to Under the Stars (a local camp for Guides and Pathfinders with night challenges)
  • Planned their own enrollment ceremony
  • Participated in the local Remembrance Day ceremony
  • Participated in the end violence against women campaign and in the Host GGC’s YouTube Playlist for the first International Day of the Girl

We believe that by giving our girls structured freedom, and having a mixture of fun and more serious activities, allows all of our girls, of all abilities, to enjoy being a Pathfinder.

Guest blogger Erin

R: Guest blogger Erin, L: Natalia, Unit leader

By guest blogger and Guider Erin Hunter of a Pathfinders Unit in Saint John, New Brunswick.

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  1. Cathy says:

    We give our Pathfinder/Ranger the opportunity to plan their activites
    So far this year they have Planned and operated a Halloween Haunted House Fundraiser We estimate we had over 100 people through our Haunted House earningthe Event Planning Challenge We bridged with another Pathfinder/Ranger unit an hour a way for a sleepover as we’re going to Rendezvous together the May long weekend, while there we particpated in their Legions Remembrance Day ceremony and completed the Citizenship section. Next weekend they’re coming to our meeting space for a sleepover to complete the Winterwonderland challenge and plan the camp menu and duty chart. The girls have planned the next 2 meetings Active Living Dance meeting and Fashion Sense challenges. Its a busy year but fllying by. They also want to plan a trip to England

  2. I don’t understand how guiding stops being a ‘Cool’ thing? I’d do anything to be a part of it again!

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