Craft image. Microsoft Clip Art

Craft image. Microsoft Clip Art

If you ever looked up the word “craftastrophy“ in the dictionary, I imagine you’d find a photo of me with my hair glued in chunks, paint dripping off my shirt, stickers randomly stuck on my face and my hands covered in a plethora of glitter. I basically look like that any time we do crafts at Brownies. This year I had a group of girls who loved to craft. Unfortunately, crafting does not love me. The majority – okay, all of my Unit – was able to craft better than I. So I did what any good leader would do:

I “lead” my girls in crafting.

I always thought being a leader was about teaching the girls something. With crafting this was the opposite. They taught me manners, as they never once mocked one of my craftastrophy projects even when I had glittered myself head to toe when I tried to open a glitter bottle. I was taught humility when my 7 to 9 year olds were able to make amazing Ukrainian Easter eggs while I had dyed my fingers brown. They showed me patience when I was trying to teach them how to craft and my project was obviously not what was intended. I learned kindness when the girls would tell me how wonderful the project was, even though it really, really wasn’t. And I learned to laugh, because sometimes when your fingers are frosted together and there is a gingerbread house base on your rear, that’s the only thing you can do.

As a leader we try our best to lead the girls on the right path, and sometimes the right path has you doing something you don’t do very well. But it’s important to plug through it as the adventure is half the fun. Plus it makes for great photos in your year-end wrap up books!



By: Chantal Semple, 5th Brownies Rivers End District Richmond, BC

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