Thrown in the Lake: POV from First-Time Guider

A little about me

Girl Guides is new for me – I became a Sparks Guider last September when my twin daughters joined. Little did I know that I’d love being a Guider!

I was nominated by my fellow Guiders to be the Responsible Guider for our District Camp at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane in Quebec. This was mainly due to my previous non-Guiding camping experiences and my college education, studying Natural Resources. I was hesitant about my new role but excited all at the same time.

A little about the planning

First off, I have to thank my fellow Guiders – without their support I would have been struggling to keep my head above water. Forms? What forms? Oh right… Safe Guide is just one of those things that I feel you learn as you go. Here I thought it was smooth sailing as we had already booked the site and paid the deposit. No one had contacted me regarding the SG.3 (Safe Guide) until the Monday before we left for camp. EEEK!

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to Guide Support for processing us through and making it so easy for us to get approved so quickly and last-minute. A check-list of what forms are required when would be a wonderful item to have once an activity is approved

A little about camp

Camp Wa-Thik-Ane – what an amazing site! As Members, we’re so lucky to have such a beautiful, safe place to take the girls to enjoy the outdoors and really be one with nature.

Our camp theme was “Wings and Things” and although I cannot take credit for this idea, boy did I love it – yes, I love bugs! I still have my insect collection from college – which I brought along for the trip. The girls that got a chance to see the specimens thought it was cool – not many people know what a cicada actually looks like. We had a lot of bug-themed activities planned and the girls seemed to really enjoy learning a little about insects.

Some yummy kid-friendly meals throughout the weekend cured our appetites and the girls were great about doing chores and patrols. We didn’t even have anyone cry “I want my mommy/daddy”. That in my books is a success in itself.

A beautiful campfire with s’mores was enjoyed and we had two awesome afternoons down by the lake. We also enjoyed a central campfire without the fire, due to rain in the forecast, but did we ever sing our hearts out!

I think the girls will take away some great memories of camp, I know I did! I’m already looking forward to next year and I will be that much more prepared!

By guest blogger and Guider Renée Kennette. Renée is a Spark Guider, Argenteuil District.

Renée and daughter

Renée and daughter

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2 Responses to Thrown in the Lake: POV from First-Time Guider

  1. Melissa Mens says:

    This sounds great Renee. I’ll have to keep that theme in mind. I’m a Spark Guider in Alberta.

    • Renée Kennette says:

      Thanks Melissa, we had so much fun during camp and we were also so lucky to have amazing weather, which definitely helps! One thing I did learn was that I will start the planning no less than 1 month in advance – it was a lot to do, especially when one works full time, with 3 kids a husband and all the fun that comes with that 🙂

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