What an Amazing Girl Member!

How many Guides ever have completed ALL the interest badges?

Well, not only did Christina Selkirk complete all 10 Keys and 71 Brownie interest badges, but she also  completed four program areas, three community service badges, three camping badges, 82 interest badges and the Lady Baden-Powell award, PLUS the Religion in Life badge, while in Guides. Quite an accomplishment for this ambitious girl! All this, while maintaining excellent grades in school, taking swimming lessons and doing Belgian folk dancing.

Christina challenged herself – and made the statement to her Guiders early in her first year – to complete all the badges in Guides. Guider Jeannette was a little surprised to hear this and told Christina that she had never heard of it being done and it might be hard for a city girl do all the badges, especially ones like dairy-farming, fishing, horsepower, etc.! But Christina was determined to do the same in Guides as she did in Brownies – getting all the badges! She worked diligently to research her topics, asking her mom and other relatives lots of questions or to drive her places to complete certain tasks needed to finish badge requirements.

Christina must be SO proud, because her mom Suzanne and all of her Guiders sure are proud of her! Christina has sewed all her badges onto TWO badge scarves and was given special recognition at her recent advancement ceremony. She is registered for Pathfinders in the fall and is looking forward to the challenges in that program.

By guest blogger Jeannette Gelmich: 20+ years in Guiding and still lovin’ it!

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5 Responses to What an Amazing Girl Member!

  1. WTG! I had three Brownies in my unit who completed all the badges. I hope they become inspired by this girl to do the same in Guides! 🙂

  2. Teresa says:

    I know the effort this girl had to put in. My daughter completed all of the Sparks & Brownie badges and is just about to enter the challenge in Guides as well! We’re happy to see someone else take the Girl Guide Program to the “Elite” level.

  3. Naomi PuzzlePeace says:

    Congratulations…what a job well done!

  4. guideylaurie says:

    Wow, what an amazing achievement! And so beautifully sewn on too! 🙂

  5. thewoodcocks says:

    WOW! What an achievement! Congratulations big time! Aislyn, my eldest daughter earned all 71 Brownie badges as well as all the keys too. Check out her article in the local, online Regina paper: http://www.leaderpost.com/life/Woodcock+queen+Brownie+badges/8923284/story.html

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