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International Day of the Girl Child Image. Photo: Status of Women Canada

Source: Status of Women Canada

The first ever International Day of the Girl Child is October 11, 2012! The United Nations declared this day as a time to recognize girls and young women as citizens and powerful agents of change in their lives, the lives of their families and of their communities. It’s a day to hear from girls about what empowers them!

How is Girl Guides of Canada –Guides du Canada (GGC) celebrating this special day online? By collecting and amplifying girls’ voices on our YouTube channel!

Here’s teen vlogger Miss Indra Lena to tell you all about it!


Every Canadian girl Member, from Spark to Ranger and Trex, is encouraged to record a short video clip telling us about their favourite female singer or female band that promotes confidence, resourcefulness and/or courage in girls and women! These clips will be mixed into one long collaborative playlist video, where every girl acts as the ‘video host’ for her chosen YouTube music video. This compilation playlist will be launched on our GGC YouTube channel for everyone to see and share on International Day of the Girl Child!

But that’s not all!

Our two teen judges, 17-year old vlogger Miss Indra Lena and 15-year old Canadian teen singer and songwriter Megan Landry will help choose our top submission to identify our “Star video host”. The “Star video host” will create an additional video clip to introduce the entire playlist! Plus – she’ll be given the keys (ok, the password) to our Facebook fan page to post her own content-of-choice to all of our fans on October 11, 2012!

Video submission deadline: 11:59 PM EST Sunday, September 23, 2012

For complete details see rules and regulations

Ready to make your video clip? Here’s how in three easy steps! (For complete details see rules and regulations)

  1. Sit and record yourself in a well-lit and quiet area so we can hear and see you!
  2. Be sure to say your first name, Unit and province, and the name of your favourite female singer or female band. Tell us why she/they inspire confidence, resourcefulness or courage in you.
  3. Have fun! We want to hear what you have to say and see your personality shine through!

Ready to send in your video clip? (For complete details see rules and regulations)

Email us your video clip with the following information:

  • Your full name. If more than one girl appears in the video, kindly provide the full names for all of the participants (last names will not be made public)
  • Unit name, city and province
  • Statement: “I agree that my Image Release (IR.1) form is signed and has been filed with my Guider”
  • The “cut and paste” YouTube video link to your choice music video
  • Email to: submissions (@) girlguides (dot) ca

Can’t record a video? Send us a photograph or drawing! See rules and regulations for complete details.

Questions? marketing1 (@) girlguides (dot) ca

Need inspiration for what type of video of a female singer or female band that is inspirational? Check out teen singer and songwriter Megan Landry’s video “Stronger”!


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