Camping à la “Dad and Me”

This is the first of our Flashback Friday blog posts for the summer months! Every Friday we will re-share a post previously shared on GirlGuidesCANblog, that related to the summer months (camping, outdoor fun, family time). Enjoy!

Dad and Me Camp. Haliburton ON. Photo Coutesy Marianne.

Dad and Me Camp. Haliburton ON. Photo Coutesy Marianne.

Earlier this summer, my two daughters and husband participated in the ‘Dad and Me’ GGC Camp at Camp Adelaide in Haliburton, Ontario.

Because of a new baby in the house, my eldest daughter had been unable to attend the Sparks camping trip this past year. We were excited to find out that there was a Dad and Me camp so that both girls (a Brownie- and Spark-to-be in September) could have the camping experience.

From what I hear, the dads and women Guiders all got along very well, and euchre tournaments took place after the giggling girls were all asleep! As for the girls, they had the time of their lives. It was a hot weekend and the girls were swimming in the warm water for hours. They talked of roasting marshmallows, digging for clams, climbing an obstacle course, and building sandcastles. They returned home tired but happy, covered with dirt and sand, and with huge smiles on their faces.

Dad and Me Camp. Haliburton ON. Photo Coutesy Marianne.

Dad and Me Camp. Haliburton ON. Photo Coutesy Marianne.

We definitely plan to do this again next year and perhaps try out the ‘Mom and Me’ or Family Camp as well. With three girls in the house we will be going to GGC camps for a long time!

By guest blogger Marianne.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We run a “buddy camp” intended for mothers and their daughters (but always expanded to allow girls to bring any significant adult female as we know not all have moms available to attend – grandmas, occasionally aunts, even a very close family friend or an adult or Ranger age sister has accompanied).

    I love the dad idea, I’m just wondering about the Safe Guide and parental concerns and how you work around those? I know there are units that hesitate to even get dads very involved at a meeting level for fear of raising concern (not that I agree with this blanket practice). Is this strictly a unit camp or something larger scale? And is it just dads or would other males in a girls life be allowed to substitute that role for a girl who didn’t have ‘dad’ involved?

    Thanks for sharing the story, the photos of your beautiful girls and in advance for taking the time to read my reply. I’m most interested in learning how we could impliment a camp of this nature.

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