Girl Guide Camp Blanket vs. Camp Poncho

This is the first of our Flashback Friday blog posts for the summer months! Every Friday we will re-share a post previously shared on GirlGuidesCANblog, that related to the summer months (camping, outdoor fun, family time). Enjoy!

Girl Guide Badges

Girl Guide Badges

In today’s post, we’re entering into some pretty turbulent waters, opening up a seriously contentious debate, if you will. No, I’m not talking about Chocolatey Mint vs. Chocolate and Vanilla Classic cookies. And I’m not talking about ‘Fire’s Burning’ vs. ‘Taps’ as best ever campfire closing (man, but that would be a good debate). No, I’m talking about what is the ULTIMATE crest storage device. Yes, it’s camp blank vs. camp poncho. Let the debate begin!

My daughter Ella is a super proud member of the 5th Kanata Sparks here in Ottawa. In her two years as a Spark, she’s had some amazing leaders who’ve organized week after week of fun activities. And in this time, Ella has amassed quite the collection of crests. She’s earned crests ranging from 2nd Year Spark, Crazy for Camping, Camp Woolsey 100 Steps Forward, Sing Ontario, Sing, Daughter of the World’s Best Mom, etc. (Okay, that last one I’m making up…)

Now, as the world’s best mom of the world’s cutest Spark, I’m trying to decide what to do with all the crests. Because, well, jamming them all into a ziplock bag labeled ‘ Sew these somewhere someday’  just isn’t cutting it anymore. And, it seems, I have two choices for crest storage device – camp blanket or camp poncho. Each has its merits.

Camp blank:

  • It’s very blanket-y (i.e. it keeps you warm)
  • Works both at camp and while cuddling on the sofa at home
  • Blankets will always be in style

Camp poncho:

  • It’s very poncho-ey (i.e. you can wear it around the campfire, while debating whether to sing ‘ Fire’s Burning’  or ‘Taps’)
  • Works both as a poncho and – with a quick unfolding – as a blanket
  • Ponchos will also always be in style – at Girl Guide camp

Hmm, so it seems I haven’t really solved my dilemma. Dear bloggy friends, please help me – which should I order on the – the camp blanket or the camp poncho?

By Mary, GGC staff


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11 Responses to Girl Guide Camp Blanket vs. Camp Poncho

  1. Marg Harris says:

    I say blanket!!!

  2. TwingleGal says:

    Another blanket vote here. When you have a poncho you want to wear it out at campfire to show off. Then it gets damp and when you go to bed and want to snuggle up with the poncho, the damp transfers making you cold.
    A blanket “in theory” gets left with your bedding and will be toasty warm when you want to use it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I say poncho. Not only do I still have my poncho from my days as a Guide (almost 30 years ago!), my daughter who is just moving into Guides, has been using it since Sparks. She loves it and is reluctantly replacing it with her new poncho with all her own badges. She wants both! 🙂

  4. I say poncho! Not only do I still have my poncho from my days as a Guide (almost 30 years ago now!), my daughter who is moving into Guides next year has proudly used it since her first year in Sparks. She is reluctantly trading it for her new poncho with her own badges. If she had her own way, she would keep both!

  5. I say why not one of each! That way you have incentive to collect lots of crests too.

  6. Sara says:

    I have a poncho that is almost filled. Then I will move on to a blanket. My daughter (6moths old) has a pink fleece blanket with “Future Spark” on it. I will be using this as her camp blanket until it gets filled then I will probably make a poncho for her. I enjoy wearing my poncho to Brownies. The girls love to look at all the old badges on it from my Brownie and Guide days. The camp blanket usually just stays in the tent and the girls don’t get the opportunity to see it.

  7. Rachel says:

    Hmm tough question, I’ve got a blanket with a hole in which I suppose is a poncho but I’ve always had the urge to sew up the hole and see how it looks as a blanket- curiousity killed the cat and all that! My vote has to go poncho though, badges on the front, neckerchiefs on the back- what could be better? 😀

  8. Spotted Owl says:

    Dear super mom of an awesome Spark,
    Perhaps compromise is best. For my daughter I bought two badge blankets. I sewed them together on the long edge leaving a neckhole. It was a little big as a Spark and is frankly still a little too big as a Brownie but a badge blanket is for life! Now it does both. If two blankets are too costly consider blue fleece.
    From overly-engineering-things Spotted Owl in Oakville

  9. Bri - 111th London Brownies, 1st Ontario Lone Brownies, 1st London Trex, Community Guider… says:

    I vote blanket..

    1. A Co-Guiders Spark tripped down the stairs wearing her poncho (at home, being the adorable kid she is).
    2. I had a poncho when I was a kid and outgrew it, so as an adult it was just a small blanket with a drafty hole in the middle. I made the decision last year to remove everything, buy a new blanket, and a (really really good) friend of mine machine sewed everything on (I didn’t put the waste space crests back on, only the ones that meant something to me or were super fun looking).

  10. private says:

    worst camping experience ever! staff forced my daughter to sing solo to an entire group for not knowing the words, was made to sleep in urine smelling canvas tents that leaked in the rain. she came home crying with an infection from a cut on her foot when swimming and hungry.not to mention they have a poor equine joint facility that did not allow her to ride at her level, leaving her in a beginners course. after she =requested to go home they called me telling me she was being sent home. and did NOT refund my money. very unhappy

  11. Ann Marie (Guider Squirrel) says:

    My vote is for PONCHO but definately wait until you are lare teens or adult to take time to sew everything on- I made my son a poncho when he was a Beaver- it came down to his ankles- now he’s just over 6 ft tall and I have to figure a way to make it larger without replacing the whole thing (in other words- a way to NOT have to take off all the current badges and restitch them onto something new). I made one for myself- it’s denim with polar fleece lining- I love it. (I also added pockets on the inside to stow my flashlight) To save its getting filled up too quickly, I only sew on special crests that really mean something to me. I love to wear it to keep me warm at campfires then spread it out over my sleeping bag when I’m ready to turn in. I’ve never found that it made me feel cold after wearing it outside (but I’d never wear it if it was damp anyway- it means too much to me and there are too many precious things on it- like my Canada cord & All-Round Cord) A square blanket just doesn’t cut it to wear outside at a campfire to keep me warm- fine for over a sleeping bag but nothing more.

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