The Traveling Guide’s Guide to Traveling. Part I

Sophie Streleoff recently traveled to Adelboden, Switzerland to represent Girl Guides of Canada at the Helen Storrow Seminar at Our Chalet. Sophie has been traveling from a young age throughout Canada, the United States and Cuba. This trip to Our Chalet was her first trip to Europe. This is the first of a four-part blog series about the joys of the various stages of traveling!

Tips, Tricks and the Unexpected While Packing

Getting ready for a trip can be stressful and time-consuming, but staying organized will help a lot! There are often scenarios and situations that you may not consider or you may think too much of the “unexpected” and end up over packing.

How to earn your Packing Badge:

  • Choose a bag that’s right for your destination and your trip. Be sure to mark it clearly so you know which bag is yours. This can be done with luggage belts that wrap around your bag or by using funky or distinctive luggage tags.  If traveling outside Canada you may even consider a Canada luggage tag. Also remember to mark any carry on bags, back packs, and purses that you may carry with you.
  • Put bulky clothing into Ziploc bags. Compressing the air out will create more space in your bag
  • Ziploc bags are also excellent for organizing your clothing. Have one outfit per bag and then at the end of the day put your now dirty clothes back into the bag.
  • Also be sure to check weather reports, cultural customs and laws while packing.Countries may have different laws and restrictions compared to Canada regarding clothing – so take them time to become aware of these.
  • Before buying new stuff for your trip – such as specific clothing, a bag or a power adapter, see if you can borrow one from a friend or fellow Guiding Member.
  • Practice packing your bag to make sure it will all fit. Then, be sure to go through everything again and see what you can do without. If you don’t use something in your daily life, you likely won’t need it on a trip (unless of course it’s specific to a trip activity, such as hiking shoes).
  • Be sure to weigh your bag – lots of airlines now have weight and size restrictions for luggage

While packing, it’s also important to think of the unexpected, not only at your destination but also while traveling:

  • WATER!!! Be aware of any drinking water restrictions while traveling and at your destination. Also think of taking an empty water bottle with you so you don’t end up paying for an expensive bottle of water in an airport.
  • Research about your destination and transit points for restrictions in airports, train stations and customs that may differ from those at home.
Sophie in Adelboden, Switzerland

Sophie in Adelboden, Switzerland

By guest blogger Sophie Streleoff. Sophie is a young Guider in British Columbia for a multi-Unit of Pathfinders and Rangers. Recently, she represented Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada at the Helen Storrow Seminar at Our Chalet, discussing different environmental issues and making a change. Read Sophie’s other posts for GirlGuidesCANblog, including  A Young Guider’s Advice, and Hand prints Instead of Footprints.

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