Handprints Instead of Footprints

Girl Guides' Helping Hands for Haiti 2010

Girl Guides’ Helping Hands for Haiti 2010

More often than not, we talk about our footprint or “carbon footprint” and the harm we are causing the Earth. This idea of a negative footprint can be rather depressing, and maybe even uncomfortable for some.

But what about our handprints? With our hands, we are able to take action against our negative footprint and do good for the environment!

With our hands, we can take on problems and find solutions that have a positive effect!

Recognizing these positive changes is very valuable. When you see the changes you make and the positive effect it has on others and the environment, it can give you a feeling of inspiration and peace in knowing that you are doing the right thing for the Earth. Recognizing these changes also gives the motivation to carry on with these positive changes.

Now, to achieve a large-impact positive change, you must promote and share your smaller changes with others. Sharing the positive actions you are taking with your Unit or fellow Guiders may inspire them to use their handprints for positive change, too!

Sharing and promoting positive change with your Unit and fellow Guiders can be really easy:

  1. Simply tell them what you have changed in your daily life as it may motivate them
  2. Create activities in your Unit through games or crafts that promote positive change and the benefits of being environmentally friendly
  3. Make positives changes in your meetings such as reducing, reusing and recycling materials, and cleaning up the meeting space outside (e.g. litter, planting flowers). 

So, instead of measuring the harm and footprint on the environment and Earth, why not measure your handprints and the positive changes you are making!

Guest blogger and Guider Sophie at Our Chalet

Guest blogger & Guider Sophie at Our Chalet


By guest blogger Sophie Streleoff.

Sophie is a young Guider in British Columbia for a multi-Unit of Pathfinders and Rangers. Recently, she represented Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada at the Helen Storrow Seminar at Our Chalet, discussing different environmental issues and making a change.

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2 Responses to Handprints Instead of Footprints

  1. libelinda says:

    Love the “handprints instead of footprints” concept! We focus way too much our negative impact, so much that we forget about how we can contribute to the solution.

  2. Joyce Shanks says:

    I love this post as well. I am a firm believer in empowering others by sharing information and helping people to make simple easy changes in their lives so that they too can make a difference. Education is the key, many “don’t know” but they actually don’t know what they don’t know. When you tell them, they now have the power to make an informed choice.

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