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This post originally appeared on Guides Québec‘s blog, April 23, 2012. Thank you allowing us to share it further!

Young Women's Forum

How is it that we live in a country with such means and alleged equality and yet there is still a gender gap?

How is it we live in a country that prides itself on our civil rights yet still women continue to be victims of inequality at all levels?

That probably sounds over dramatic, or maybe just overstated, but it really isn’t. It is organizations like Girl Guides of Canada that help contribute to creating better stronger and independent women.

Most often it is women from 12-35 who are the most marginalized.

Without a large income or assets, the voices of young girls and adults are most often not to be heard. How often have you thought to yourself, “I just wish they would take me seriously”, or “Why don’t they listen to my perspective?”  Too often within all aspects of society, those under the age of 40 are discounted and discriminated against simply based on age, ethnicity and gender.

These issues are only the beginning of what the 2nd Annual Young Women’s Forum, of Girl Guides of Canada – Quebec Council, wishes to address. This Forum seeks to emphasize the importance of women’s advocacy as a part of the Girl Guides of Canada mission, as well as bridging the gap between the younger members of the organization and the veteran members serving at the administrative and Guider levels.

Ultimately, the future of our organization must reflect the changing needs and priorities of women.

I hope that The Young Women’s Forum can be one aspect that starts the conversation within our membership to ensure the voices of young girls and Women members who are an integral part of the organization are heard.

By guest blogger to Guides Québec Diana who is a Pathfinder Guider and Co-Organizer of the Young Women’s Forum. 

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