The Guider Behind “Becky’s (Dragon’s) Guiding Resource Centre”

Our Who’s Who in Canadian Guiding blog column offers our Members and volunteers a place to share their favourite stories from their own Guiding experiences, and their own take on why they continue to promote the organization’s mission. Today’s post is by someone many of us recognize by name and by site (but possibly not sight!): Becky “Dragon” Vincent!

Becky and Gideon. Photo Credit: Camp Woolsey Staff.

Becky and Gideon. Photo Credit: Camp Woolsey Staff.

If any of my Guiding friends read this, they’re in for the shock of a lifetime. I am, at last, publicly admitting that I’m a bit of a ‘celebrity’ in the Guiding world. To my embarrassment, this is true both here in Canada and in many other countries around the world. However, for some reason, people always seem surprised when they meet me in person.  Maybe it’s because I’ve started hiding my name tag when I go to large Guiding events. I have completely lost count of how many times, after introducing myself, I’ve heard the exclamation, “You’re THE Becky Vincent?!” So why am I so famous, you may ask? It’s because of a little hobby of mine, a website called Becky’s Guiding Resource Centre.

Back in the mid-90’s, when the Internet was brand new, I was a graduate student at the University of Guelph. I was dealing with massive writer’s block as I struggled to complete my Master’s thesis. The cure turned out to be spending hours and hours uploading onto the Internet everything I had in my Guider resource files. Embarrassing, but true –  my website began as a productive way to procrastinate!

By the time I’d finished my degree, my website had taken on a life of its own. People were emailing me from all over the place, suggesting more material for me to add to my site. Before I quite knew what was happening, I had this HUGE site, full of games, songs, camping and science resources, being visited by Guiders from all over the world! To say that my website has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams is a serious understatement.

Whenever I meet Guiders in my travels, and explain that yes, I am THAT Becky, the one with the website, I get asked what my inspiration was for sharing all my resource ideas online. While I’ve certainly had a great number of contributors over the years, the heart and soul of my site comes from one place – Camp Woolsey, the Girl Guide camp just outside of Ottawa. I’ve been a staff member at Woolsey for something like 17 years now. I’ve spent more time at that camp in the summer than pretty much anywhere else.

Like all Girl Guide summer camp programs, Woolsey is an absolute treasure trove of new ideas, songs, games, crafts, and pretty much everything else. Working at Woolsey marked the start of my professional development, which took me from being a camp counselor to a camp director and eventually into my ‘real world’ jobs of being a teacher and an outdoor educator. My website has also opened the door to international travel! I spent most of a year exploring Australia a few years back – and thanks to my website I got to visit people and places I never would have otherwise, and made some great Aussie friends too!

So, in case you were considering volunteering your time at your local Girl Guide summer camp program – go for it! For me, it has been the source of my online inspiration. Thanks to summer camp, I’ve learned new skills, traveled to new places and been able to share the journey online on my website. Who knows what opportunities will open themselves to you?

By guest blogger Becky “Dragon” Vincent. Becky currently is a Ranger Advisor in Richmond Hill, a Resource Guider for Community 38, and an Assistant Summer Camp Director, at Camp Woolsey.

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7 Responses to The Guider Behind “Becky’s (Dragon’s) Guiding Resource Centre”

  1. Yea! “Un-masked!” Please be proud and don’t hide! Women like YOU are important to this organization (and a Guider like me)

  2. Jenny H says:

    Love the blog post, Becky 🙂 You have been an amazing inspiration to me this year as I try to learn the ropes on being a Guider….I started out surfing your website, to attending a games night during Training Week, to attending your Don’t Tear your Hair Out session at a Guider Enrichment last month. You bring humor along with your vast knowledge, and you leave me inspired 🙂

  3. Vicky "Thumper" Wallace says:

    I am the one who tells people at conferences, who Becky is. She is so modest about her accomplishments and I want her to know how proud I am of her. She gives me the courage and strength to do all that I do. She is the one who comes to Woolsey each summer for more fun. Thanks for being my sister in guiding! Thump

  4. Carroll says:

    I knew, enjoyed and used Becky’s website for several years, I was absolutely delighted when I was able to meet THE Becky Vincent, in person, when she visited Australia. Since then, we have become firm friends (aka Ozzie Mom) and I’ve been able to visit Becky, along with my good friend Ruth (the other OM), and Jen and Thumper and many other Guiders when we visited Canada in 2010. It’s all part of the World Wide Sisterhood of Guiding!

  5. Susan (Shreddies) says:

    The number of times that I have been at a large Guiding event over the years and people have been surprised that I actually know THE Becky Vincent. Becky has accomplished so much and we are all very proud of her. As a Junior Staff at Woolsey and an undergrad a couple of years behind her in the same biology program, I always looked up to her and treasured her advice – I still do 🙂

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