I am Me Because of Summer Camp

This post was written by Wendy and was originally posted on her own funny things are everywhere blog. We thought this was such a great post we asked for her permission to share it here with everyone. Thank you Wendy!

My experiences at summer camp help me become who I am today!

My experiences at summer camp help me become who I am today!

Going away to camp are some of my best memories.  I went every summer! When I was 12 I went to Doe Lake Girl Guide camp for their canoe and sail camp for two weeks.  We got to go on a four-day canoe trip.  I was
hooked!! The next summer was a seven-day trip and the following year a 10-day canoe trip.

I loved those summers!  I made so many friends and memories.  Carrying a canoe on my head and portaging for 2.1 kms at the age of 15 is something I’ll never forget!

When I was 16, I spent a whole month at camp for the WIT (Waterfront in Training)  program.  I was training to be a lifeguard and swimming instructor and to be able to do that at summer camp was a dream come true!

Doe Lake WITs - July 1992

Doe Lake WITs - July 1992

Even though I was a camper at several camps and then later a camp councilor at several camps, there is a common bond between all of the camps — the amazing experience that a child takes away with them.  You get to do so many amazing activities that you might not get at home. You make new friends from all over the region, province or even the world!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post! I loved my time at Doe and I look forward to my own girls going there.

  2. Denise G says:

    Sounds like you had lots of fun! I was a brownie but not a scout. I never went to camp. Wish I had though.

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  3. Gingermommy says:

    I loved girl guides and stil think about the great time I had while at camp

  4. Wendy’s post was part of the #CampMemories Blog Hop. Have a read of all 21 amazing camp memories stories at http://ourkids.net/campexpo/prepare-camp-expo.php

  5. It sounds like you have made amazing memories to last a lifetime! I’ve only been camping but a few times but, I loved it. I can only imagine going every year. I love what the Guides provide for young girls! Great share Wendy!

  6. Carole Armstrong says:

    The first time I went to Girl Guide Camp was Camp Wolsey in 1961. I loved every moment of it. The big gathering of everyone from all of the sites, for opening ceremonies every morning at Woods, when the flag was raised. The swimming and canoeing, the tuck shop, the games, earning badges. But my favourite memory that I have kept all these years and what most impressed me, was our “Church” service on Sunday evening. We were all given a candle and walked to the hilltop where the little service was held. On the way up, we were told to look back, and we could see nothing but candlelight curving through the woods and up the hill. It was magical.

  7. I never went to guides and now with three daughters a a son I wanted them to have the experiences I never had. I have also become a girl guide leader. My first year I was a spark leader, then last year I moved to guides. My oldest daughter is a third year guide and has been in guiding for the last 6 years. My second daughter is a first year guide and has been in guiding for 5 years. My youngest daughter is a spark, she started last year at 4, but will be in the spark program for two years from this year. We love the camps and I have seen so my confidence in my girls it’s amazing. I love working with the girls too, it so enriching.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Your pictures from Doe Lake brought back many memories of the many summers I was a camper there (late 80’s to mid 90’s). Although I was never a WIT, like many of the campers, I thought the WITs were so cool and really looked up to them. I have amazing memories of Sailing Camp when we were at Birchcliff – again, as some of the older campers there for 2 weeks, we thought we were so cool!
    Is there anywhere, other than Facebook, for former Doe campers to reconnect? I have a ton of pictures and would love to share them with others.

  9. Adrienne Trent says:

    I went to Doe Lake from 1971 to 1974….Camped on Many Winds, Little Eye, Ashgrove, and Wagona! I loved those summers!!! I packed months in advance! , I had 3 brothers so getting away from boys was the best!! We were not perfect campers, often into much mischief (me and the friends I made from all over the province, often many of us coming back year after year by careful planning!) but never failed to have an unforgettable time each year!! My 2 daughters and their cousin also attended in the 1990’s! Things were different for them, they had a mess hall with a chef and actually gained weight! , while we had to cook on a fire we built and would also cook for our councillors! (I pity them!). No hot water, no showers, no flush toilets and the only food that was cooked for us was the morning oatmeal! I miss the smell of the wet canvas tents, the bug spray truck that would make it’s rounds each night before campfire, the campfires themselves, which were the highlight of the day besides our goofy yacking and shenanigans after “lights out”! Our skits and songs and laughter, and tasty snacks and hot chocolate would make for such a great cap to the day! The campfires in the “long house”, and the regattas where we would out sing, out scream, and out build giant sand sculptures!! Have silly contests like wrapping our tent mates in toilet paper the fastest of anyone at camp! Great memories, I will never forget!!

  10. Aime Hutton says:

    I was a WIT in August ’92!! Writing my blog post about that right now actually. So many memories!! Barb was a fantastic leader for the WIT program. I didn’t pass my WIT’s but I did get a job working at Camp Adelaide (my Central Area camp) instead the following summer, worked there between ’93 – ’97. Amazing memories!!

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