Girl Guides and Girls Scouts: A Sweet Comparison

Hi, my name is Samantha.

I am a 10-year-old United States citizen.  I lived in Young’s Point, Ontario for two and a half years.  Before living in Canada, I was a Girl Scout.  In Canada I was a Girl Guide.

I moved back to the United States in January 2011.

Guest Blogger Samantha F.

Guest Blogger Samantha F.

I would like to tell you about what is the same and what is different between Canada and the United States.

  • Both places sell cookies.  In Canada, we sold mint cookies in the fall and sandwich cookies in the spring.  Here, we sell nuts and candy in the fall and eight different kinds of cookies in the spring.  We both sell mint cookies.  The (thin)mint cookies here are good but the mint cookies in Canada are out of this world!
  • Here my troop doesn’t mind if you don’t wear your uniform.  In Canada we were supposed to wear our uniform every time and we were graded on it!
  • We meet every other week here, but in Canada we met every week.
  • While in Canada, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Girl Guides.  The United States is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts next year.
  • Girl Guides learn about their founder, Lord Baden-Powell.  Here the founder is Juliette Gordon Low, who was a friend of the Baden-Powell’s.
  • In both places you earn badges, go camping and sing songs.  Many of the songs are very similar.

I learned so much while living in Canada and enjoy teaching my current Girl Scout sisters about what it was like to live there and be a Girl Guide.  Some day I would like to go back and visit my Girl Guide sisters.

By guest blogger, Samantha Flemming, 10 years old.
The relationships we forge through Guiding transcend geographic borders. What great experiences have you had with Scouts?

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3 Responses to Girl Guides and Girls Scouts: A Sweet Comparison

  1. Anonymous says:

    While volunteering at Sangam my roommate and fellow Community Volunteer was a Girl Scout from New Jersey! We loved talking about what was similar and what was different between the organizations…. She became one of my best friends and we still stay in touch and visit often!

  2. that is great to learn more about Girl Guides an Girl Scouts. I am a leader here in Yellownife Northwest Territories and have for 17 years from 1987 – 2003 was a leader with both Girl Guides and Scouts Canada. up here this year we have two units of 24 Girl Guides and for the Boy Scouts we have 8 girls and zero boys. I would like to see more interaction between the two organizations nationally / territorially / provincially — think of the self esteem booster the youth of today would get.

  3. traveler says:

    When my daughters were Brownie and Guide age they were visiting their grand-parents in the
    USA for a few weeks. My husband contacted the local Girl Scout troop and they were invited to join in a day at a local park working on a science badge. They had great fun and were proud to show off their Girl Scout interest badge to their Brownie and Guide units. I hope we can encourage more “visiting while traveling”.

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