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Somewhere in cyber space is a land we call Scoutlink.  It is a network of chat rooms for Guides/Guiders and Scouts/Scouters from anywhere in the world, speaking many languages and of all ages.  It is always open and ready for business.  We chat about anything but especially about Guiding and Scouting around the world.  We learn about each other and learn from each other.  Once a year we host Jamboree On The Internet/Jamboree On The Air (JOTI/JOTA.)  We invite Guides/Guiders and Scouts/ Scouters as well as others to join us for a very special weekend! This Saturday and Sunday, October 15 and 16, 2011. No need to worry if you are new to this! There are people called operators (better known as ops), and IRC Operators (known as IRCops), around to keep things safe and make sure the rules are followed.   The web site for JOTI/JOTA makes it look like it is just for Scouts.  Not true – Girl Guides are welcome, too! We have a chat room especially for Guides although Guides are welcome in any channel (aka chat room.)    This room is #Trefoil.

What do I get out of being a part of Scoutlink?  I meet people from all around the world.  Learn to greet, hug and say good-bye in other languages.  Learn about Guiding/Scouting all around the world.  Make new friends whom I “talk” with almost every day.  I also chat in French in order to improve my French.  I also learn that all people in Guiding and Scouting do more than just that…they have jobs, study and do other volunteer work as well as being involved in other group activities all around the world.  In other words, Guides and Scouts make an impact in the wider world and that living out our promise and law in those places is as important as when we are together as Guides and Scouts.  Above all I have fun.

A group of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts chat on Sunday afternoons at about 4pm EST. We enjoy each other’s company and we’d love to have new people to join us in #trefoil chat room. We would love to meet as many of you as can come out both for JOTI/JOTA and any other time you may wish to join us!

To find out more details about JOTI/JOTA, go to JOTI/JOTA and pick the language of your choice.

To find out about Jamboree On The Air for amateur (ham) radio users go to Jamboree on the Air

If you wish to chat at any time go to How to Chat Any Day at Anytime! and follow the instructions.

By guest blogger Naomi.

How do you network with other Guiders? Online, on the Air, in local groups?

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