We Need a Day of the Girl Because…

International Day of the Girl

Day of the Girl

Girl Guides of Canada -Guides du Canada officially endorsed Plan Canada’s Because I Am A Girl campaign to enable Guiding Units across Canada to learn about speaking out and taking action. In support of their initiative to make September 22nd the International Day of the Girl, we asked our Members and fans on our Facebook Fan Page to complete the following sentence:

 “We Need a Day of the Girl Because ___________ .”

Here is a sampling of the responses we received. What would you have said?

“…we are people too.” – Lisa Marie

“… girl greatness starts when they are recognized and praised for their efforts in anything they do and try and why not take a day to show them that they are great and they are important they are our future :).” – Lisa K.

“…girls are great, the world is their pallet. Women are rulers. Rulers of countries, nations, counties, companies, households, numerous other stations in life. There is praise every day for the accomplishments girls and women do so why not blow the trumpets loudly for ALL to see how proud girls are to be honest, trustworthy, loyal, compassionate and fair minded, true to our beliefs, our country, our environment, our family ourselves. Ask anybody! GIRL GUIDES ROCK YOUR WORLD. whoot whoot ♥♥♥.” – Nancy D.

“…it would give girls around the world a chance to be inspired, empowered, and celebrated! ♥.” – Girl Power

“… it’s too easy for all that we do to go unnoticed. We need a day to recognize and celebrate all that girls do & achieve – a lot of times in the face of great resistance.” – Kathleen W.

“…a GIRL who feels empowered and recognized for who she is and not for what she  looks like or should be, will become a WOMAN who inspires, creates and loves.” – Karin T.

“… We need a Day of the girl because girls keep the world keep going!” – Loriann  T.

“… because girls become strong women with support and love.” – Lisa M.

“… the heart of a woman is what brings love into the world…” – Leanne

“… We need a day of the girl because in some places in our world, girls and women are denied basic human rights.” – Alison B.

“… Girls nurture the world!” – Sher-Lee K.

“… Girls deserve to take their special place and be recognized amongst all others who have been declared special and are recognized to be equal.” – Margaret P

“… We need a Day of the Girl because we need to educate girls at home and abroad that they have rights and a voice.” – Fiona M.


Fill in the blank : We Need a Day of the Girl Because…
*Got an extra minute? Sign Because I Am A Girl’s Petition in support of the Day of the Girl!

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