The Cat’s Out of the [Guiding] Bag!

Kitten. Photo courtesy Urban Cat Relief.

Kitten. Photo courtesy Urban Cat Relief.

Meow! Yes, this cat is out of the bag.

This Girl Guides’ blog is becoming increasingly popular and its reach, as well as the number of email subscribers, and daily views keep increasing from week to week. That being said, we can’t take the credit as we only administer the behind-the-scenes of this growing wildcat! Many of the posts are written by a diverse group of guest bloggers – including Members, parents and girls – who choose to write about a variety of topics that always touch on issues and experiences around Guiding. Our top posts include: ‘Why Some Girls [Really] Need Guides’, ‘The Place for Uniforms in a Modern World’, and ‘Badges of Honour’, and the most recent post ‘I Camp Therefore I Have a Camp Blanket’.

So now we need your help.

We’re looking to you, our faithful audience, to find out what you’ve liked in the past and what you’d like to read about in the future. Perhaps you’d like to be a blogging ‘cool cat’ and write for us too! Here is a brief survey to help us on our way to becoming the biggest cat on campus! (Did I go too far with the cat metaphors*?)

Fill in the blanks in the comments section below (copy and paste it into your comment).

  1. I enjoy blog posts about…
  2. My favourite blog post was…
  3. I never read blog posts about…
  4. I’d love to write a post. I’m emailing my idea on…

We thank you for your feedback!

(*Wondering why the cat theme? Because cats are an internet sensation and we wanted to get your attention for this important blog post!)

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7 Responses to The Cat’s Out of the [Guiding] Bag!

  1. Wow! Lots of people are reading, and yet no one has commented! Perhaps we overdid the cat references?

  2. Janet Rossetti says:

    1.I enjoy blog posts about…value in program diversity and presenting program for( learning styles )

    Just like cats,…..girls are individuals ! Shy cats, loud cats, skilled cats and goofy cats, cheeky cats and scaredy cats ! So have you ever wondered why ? Why every living creature can be so vastly different from it’s own brothers and sisters ? We can be raised in the same environment, with the same values, by the same parents with the same genetics yet one of the main over riding differentials are our perceptions of the world. What we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel,is perieved, ingested digested by our own sensory metabolism. So we need to, as leaders be concious of our program stimuli.

    With this in mind we can better understand every girl or every cat that comes to us ;o)

    4.I’d love to write a post. I’m emailing my idea on…Sensory integration and learning styles

  3. 1.I enjoy blog posts about…peoples experience within the organization
    2. Fave posts: moms at camp and why girls need guides
    4.I’d love to write a post. —> I DO love writing posts! 😉

  4. NavyHawk says:

    I enjoy blog posts about everything guiding
    My favourite blog post was the camp blanket! I never go anywhere without mine
    We need more posts for adults who are leaders in the Spark Brownie age

    • Great to hear NavyHawk! We try to keep guiding at the front and centre of this blog. You’ll be happy to know that Sarah, the Guider who wrote the camp blanket blog post is writing up a related post for us as we speak! Watch for it in early October (FYI – if you sign up to the blog, you’ll receive the post directly in to your mailbox. See top right hand corner of the blog, just under the menu items.) Cheers~

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