Why Girls Need National Membership Week

Tomorrow is the start of our National Membership Week that runs from September 10 – 18 all across Canada! It’s a time for Guiders and Units to showcase what Guiding has to offer new girls and women who join Guiding. Need inspiration to offer an event? Need a reason to attend one? Here are some great reasons we’ve heard recently from Canadians about joining and growing our organization!

“I just wanted to comment on a young girl I met yesterday volunteering who is a Girl Guide. I was wholly impressed with her demeanor and her leadership. I just want to say great job and keep up the good work. I think you guys should keep marketing yourselves hard! I’d love to see more girls gain what you have to offer!”  

— Sue V. September 8, 2011

While we tell the world that GGC inspires ‘girl greatness’, we receive feedback that makes it more like ‘great girls inspire us’! Here’s what Vanessa had to say:

“My name is Vanessa and I live in Newfoundland. I would like to become a Member… Could someone please contact me or my mother to let us know how to join up. Thank you for your help.”                                         

Vanessa, August 7, 2011

[Note: Vanessa’s email was followed up with a phone call regarding how to join. This surprised her mom as she didn’t even know that Vanessa had made the request!]

And this came through to us via Twitter:

“my little girl is going to be registered this week… So exciting!…”
“…her little Sparks shirt & sash arrived. I was in Guiding for over 20 yrs, makes me so proud. 🙂   

Clippo, August 29, 2011

With all this talk about starting the Guiding year, we’ve also had an amazing discussion on our Facebook fan page about the various ways to help grow units that still have space or need more Members in order to stay open. Some ideas that Guiders offered included hosting a bring-a-friend Unit meeting, working with a local school, asking parents to volunteer, and forming multi-branch Unit.  We wanted to add one more way to help grow a Unit – share this blog post with your friends!

Are you participating in a membership event? Tell us about the experience, and it might get posted to the blog!

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  1. Suzanne Anaderson says:

    I am ready for my event, have sent out 1000 flyers and tattoos to schools in my area, now busy posting 50 posters at local convenience stores, libraries and any bulletin board I can find. Wish me luck.

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