Girl Guide Tweets that SOARed!

In the ‘Spirit’ of last week’s large scale SOAR camp in Agassiz, BC, we had to share a small sampling of the fun Twitter messages posted by some attendees! Thanks to the ladies who permitted us to share these messages on our blog!

Twitter messages (aka Tweets) by @darthtunaqueen:

“40 degrees inside the tent! It’s like being in Agassiz in the summer! Oh, wait…”

“This is the way we like the health centre: empty!”

Empty Health Cntr. SOAR 2011

Empty Health Cntr. SOAR 2011. Photo courtesy @darthtunaqueen

“Quiet time at big camps is just a suggestion. Thank goodness for earplugs!!!”

“The 1,750 girls have dealt with the constant passing trains by screaming TRAAAIINNN every time. These kids rock.”

“Have been a GG for 20 years and done 5 SOARs and I only brought 1 quick-dry shirt… Epic fail.”

“My sleeping bag smells like feet and moldy grass. Blech!”

Health Cntr Staff. SOAR 2011. Photo courtesy of @darthtunqueen

Health Cntr Staff. SOAR 2011. Photo courtesy @darthtunqueen

“Health services: making patients!! (playing with homemade poi) …clearly I’m not working hard enough… ;)”

Tweet by @Kaarina_Mooney

“I’ve never been so excited to have a shower in my life.”

Contribution by @DynesMichelle

Two girls come in to our camp looking for their friend.

Two girls: “Have you seen our friend. She’s tall, blonde hair and wrapped in a blue tarp.”

I ask: “Why the tarp?”

Two girls: “We traded her for cookies earlier this afternoon and have not seen her since.”

My Pathfinder replies: “No, we haven’t seen her but we are missing a tall, brunette, wrapped in an orange tarp.”

Two girls: “Well, it happens here.” And they went on their way!

(*Note: Michelle did not tweet this entire story but did share it with us by email once she heard that we were collecting Twitter messages for this post!)

Do you have a funny story you’d like to share on our blog? Pitch us your idea by emailing us! Don’t forget to watch for these upcoming blog stories:

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6 Responses to Girl Guide Tweets that SOARed!

  1. Anonymous says:

    SOAR 2011 was AWESOME……

  2. Anonymous says:

    i like soar it was awesomely amazinly craizly grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!

  3. kellie says:

    i loved soar 2011 on the way home on a air plane i flet bad there was 11 people who have not showerd in a week my friend warnd the flight attendent!!!!!!!!!!

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