Introducing Your Cookie All Stars

Cookie All Star crest

Everybody knows that cookies are a pretty big deal at Girl Guides.  And when it comes to cookie selling, Cookie All Stars is the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup finals, the NBA finals, Wimbledon Championships, the Olympics of entrepreneurial Guiding. (You get the picture!)

GGC is pleased to announce the Top 5 Cookie All Stars for the 2010-2011 Guiding year:

Katlyn, Orono, ON

Sarah Ann, Thunder Bay, ON

Tashina, Williams Lake, BC

Jayla, Lethbridge, AB

Jessica, Scarborough, ON

And the top Cookie All Star Unit in Canada is the 1st Europe 2011 Independent Unit, hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario.  This is a special Unit made up of girls in different Thunder Bay Units, created to fundraise for a trip to Europe in 2012. Three girls in the 1st Europe Unit rank in the top 10 of our Cookie All Stars.

We asked some of the girls from the championship Unit what was next for them, now that they’ve achieved Cookie All Star status:

“My goals for Guiding include getting my Canada Cord and my career aspirations are to go to university to study medicine.” – Emily, age 10

“This summer I will be working at a local farm picking strawberries to earn spending money for the trip.  I will be going to Terrace Bay for a few weeks where my dad lives and I will be going to  camp with another one of the girls from the Unit.” –Erin, age 13

“I want to earn the Canada Cord. I am looking forward to getting a summer job when I am 14. – Caelan, age 12

“During the summer I will be going to camp.” – Natalee, age 10

 Stats for the 2010-2011 Cookie Season

2010 Chocolatey Mint Cookies
Total sales: 184,400 cases (2,212,800 boxes)

2011 Classic Cookies
Total sales: 244,152 cases (2,929,824 boxes)

Congratulations to all of our girls for flexing their entrepreneurial muscles and selling 5,142,624 boxes of cookies! That’s one for the record books! In all, 84 Members earned the top Cookie All-Stars prize of an Asus net-book computer, selling a combined total of 7,027 cases of cookies.

And of course, a special thank you to all of the cookie lovers and Girl Guide supporters that make all of this possible!

By Christine, GGC staff

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