Best GGC Cookie Conversation – Ever!

Girl Guides Classic Cookies

Girl Guides Classic Cookies

Today’s online smile is a real online conversation between two GGC leaders. Guider Jenn and Guider Nicki graciously permitted us to share this charming cookie conversation on our blog. Thank you both for being such great sports!


Guider Nicki: I could really go for a brownie right now. But unfortunately I am at Brownies instead of eating a brownie.

Guider Jenn: sub in a chocolate cookie? Girl Guide cookies ROCK!!

Guider Nicki: I may just have to break into a box, but if I do it now, the girls will expect me to share!!

Guider Jenn: True – but we do teach sharing… or wait till you drive home!! 🙂

Guider Nicki: But I don’t want to teach sharing tonight. I wanna hide in the corner with my chocolate cookies!!! LOL!

Guider Jenn: Maybe you just have to go to the bathroom. A LOT 😉

Guider Nicki: That could work!!

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