Guiding Matters. Issue 1

GGC's Enewsletter: Guiding Matters. Issue 1

GGC's Enewsletter: Guiding Matters. Issue 1

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place to learn more about how Canadian girls are doing extraordinary things – in their own lives, in their communities and around the world? Well wait no more! Guiding Matters is our fresh new e-newsletter to keep supporters in the loop about all of the exciting Guiding programs and events happening right across Canada.

In our inaugural issue, you’ll find out how Guiding is putting Canadian girls on the map, discover what happens when Girl Guides take over the U.N. and meet some Saskatoon Rangers who are turning a trip to New York into a chance to help women in crisis. Yeah, we think you’ll be impressed by what’s happening in Guiding today.

Click here to check out our very first issue. And be sure to subscribe to Guiding Matters to keep up to date in the fall, winter and spring, on what’s happening at Girl Guides of Canada.

By Mary, GGC staff

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2 Responses to Guiding Matters. Issue 1

  1. SOAR 2011 is happening in BC in July. We have close to 2000 Girl Guides registered for a week of camping, experiencing new activities, and meeting girls from all over BC, Canada, and various other countries. Program activities that the girls chose from include Fine Arts, Crafts, Science and Tech, Water Activities, Active Recreation, Environment, and Community Service. Check out our website and watch for some great photos!

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks for this! Not only are we happy you shared, we already were planning on having a blog post about SOAR! Let us know if you have someone who’d like to contribute a write up as well!

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