Mayor grilled by five year olds. Details at 11:00!

Waterloo’s Mayor Brenda Halloran speaking to GGC Sparks and Brownies

Waterloo’s Mayor Brenda Halloran speaking to GGC Sparks and Brownies

As mayor of a Canadian high-tech hotspot, Waterloo’s Brenda Halloran has met with some pretty heavy hitters in her time. But she has perhaps never met a more curious audience than the 15th and 4th Waterloo Sparks and 24th Waterloo Brownies in her city. At a face-to-face sit down with her young constituents, Halloran was peppered with questions on everything from her duties as mayor, her plans for the city, and of course her favourite colour and food.

The Sparks and Brownies were getting a mini-version of Political Science 101 as part of GGC’s National Service Project: EmPowering GirlsEmPowering Girls is all about helping girls to understand the various ways that they can impact their communities and change the world around them. And when it comes to serving your community, being mayor is pretty much the top job.  (Of course, the leadership and team-building skills Halloran fine-tuned as a Girl Guide leader no doubt come in handy in keeping the wheels of city hall in motion!)

Since launching in February, Girl Guides from 5 to 17 have already logged 5,600 hours of service. Not bad, not bad at all.

So what will the Sparks and Brownies of Waterloo do to change the world around them? Just wait and see….

By Mary, GGC staff

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