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Girl Guides of Canada - EmPOWERing Girls: Thought Bubble Campaign

Girl Guides of Canada - EmPOWERing Girls: Thought Bubble Campaign

Sure, Wonder Woman may be making her comeback in a new T.V. series, but we’ve got our own super hero right in Canada. Meet 17-year-old Amanda M. from St. Albert, Alberta. Through her program to give birthday supplies to kids in need and heaps of other volunteer work, this Ranger and Lone knows how to get things done! ______________________ 

Hi everyone!

In my 11 years of Guiding, I’ve learned a great deal about camping, program work, and other skills to help me become the person I am today. I have many, many projects constantly on the go! It’s crazy how good you can feel trying to make a difference in your community.

I successfully completed my first campaign called Birthday Bags for Kids N’ Need, collecting basic items for kids whose parents can barely afford to put necessities on the table. In the end, after teaming up with different organizations, churches and schools, I collected 800 bags just in my community of St. Albert and over 1,000 all over Alberta! Other Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders also joined in. I am definitely continuing this next year and for years to come as I believe every child deserves a birthday.

I am also going with the GGC theme this year, Empowering Girls and Women in Guiding. I am very passionate about this theme. At our district banquet and going from Unit to Unit I am trying to get all the girls and Guiders involved. I am making up a display up for city hall (with the help of my mom, my Lones Advisor and some of the 3rd St. Albert Pathfinders) so people can be inspired and see what Guiding does for women and girls of all ages.

Those are my major projects right now, but I also created the dance for ‘Sisters for a Century’, I am involved with the Community Services Advisory Board (being a voice for the youth population in St. Albert), help run and keep going an Environmental Club (Party Green) in my school, volunteer with many events (55+ Winter Games, Children’s Festival) and always help my Pathfinder Unit sharing all I have learnt in my past making their experience (and all other levels) a positive, exciting place to be and spend your weeknights.

Any questions or comments or to find out how you can get started in your community with the birthday bags campaign, you can contact me.

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