Guiding Girls Into Greatness (Part 1)

April 10 – 16 is National Volunteer Week and Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) is celebrating the volunteers who make Guiding possible – our Guiding Stars.

Today, meet Guiding Stars Sheryl Johnson and Liane Paixao, featured in our new Guiding Stars public service announcement:

Sheryl Johnson during PSA fliming

Sheryl Johnson during PSA fliming

Sheryl Johnson

GGC:  Why do you volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada?

SJ:       I volunteer with Girl Guides because it has given me so much throughout my life, and I can’t imagine my life without it! I have had the best adventures, made the best friends, and learned to believe in myself like I never thought possible. I volunteer because I want to create those experiences for and with the girls I work with!

GGC:  What do you give to Guiding and what do you get back?

SJ:       I give to Girl Guides because I love the look on a girl’s face when she first believes that any goal of hers is attainable. I give because it allows me to develop skills in areas and give in ways that other areas of my life don’t often let me explore. As a volunteer, I see tangibly that I am having an effect on the development of girls and helping to create sustainable, supportive, communities where they can know they are valued and believed in. I get to learn about new things and share them with girls – and also get to learn about what they are thinking about and what is important in their lives! I get to be silly, have fun, and explore places near and far!

Liane Paixao during PSA filming

Liane Paixao during PSA filming

Liane Paixao

GGC:  Why do you volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada?

LP:       Girl Guides of Canada is a great organization! It helps girls become mature, compassionate and independent women, by encouraging them to develop a variety of skills and to use their knowledge and talents to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. From cooking to mountain climbing, from wilderness survival skills to canoeing and traveling abroad, girls are challenged to try it all. They organize and participate in National Service Projects, which tackle major global issues such as hunger, housing, education and the environment. GGC’s goal is not only to increase the girls’ awareness of those issues, but to empower them to take leadership roles promoting positive changes in our global society.

GGC:  What do you give to Guiding and what do you get back?

LP:       As a teacher, I am always open to learning new skills that can help me become a more effective educator, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and talents with others. Some of my main interests include music, foreign languages, traveling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Through Girl Guides of Canada I’ve had the chance to do things I never dreamed I could do at age 42, such as rock climbing, tree top trekking and scuba diving! As a new Girl Guide leader, learning about camping and wilderness survival skills has enabled me to better appreciate the outdoors and to feel more confident to deal with unexpected life challenges whenever they arise. We have fun as we learn important life lessons, and that is what makes Girl Guides of Canada a very special place for kids and those who are kids at heart!

— To all of the other Guiding Stars out there, tell us why you volunteer with GGC. What do you give and what do you get?

By Christine, GGC Staff

Continue to Part II in the series.

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