Rockets, chemistry and liquid nitrogen, oh my!

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Bringing Science to Life for Girls 

Everyone knows a sleepover with friends is pretty fun. But a sleepover at the Canada Science and Technology Museum? Now that’s out of this world.

With their toothbrushes, sleeping bags and curiosity packed, girls from the 5th Kanata Sparks got an up close look at the world of science and technology on a Saturday sleepover at the Ottawa museum. While working towards their Exploring and Experimenting badge, the girls learned about the solar system, rocket propulsion, chemical reactions and so much more. The highlight of the evening? Discovering how tasty it is to mix cream, sugar and liquid nitrogen together to whip up some blue butterscotch ice cream. Yum!

It’s these kinds of fun, hands-on activities that enhance girls’ interests and build positive associations with science, technology, engineering and math (also known as STEM). Learning in small, cooperative groups that encourage peer engagement, girls build their confidence and develop positive associations with the sciences.  

So, will any of these Sparks follow in Girl Guide alumnae  Roberta Bondar’s footsteps? Who knows – they can do anything they want.

By Mary, GGC staff
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