Celebrating Women and Girls

Women on Bridge Toronto Star March 4, 2011

Leigh Bowen (left) and Kavita Dogra are organizing a rally called Join Women on the Bridge, part of International Women’s Day. They were photographed on the footbridge that crosses Yonge near Davisville on March 4, 2011.

With International Women’s Day and Week comes a myriad of media coverage about gender equality and girls/women’s issues. While ever-changing equality statistics may boggle the mind, what’s clear is that there is work to be done…

…and Girl Guides are doing it!  To date, Units nationwide have already logged over 3,800 hours of service as part of our  EmPOWERing Girls National Service Project.

In honour of this achievement and the achievements of women everywhere we are sharing some of the great articles, videos and happenings celebrating International Women’s Day and Week:

  • Kronos and Xplane created a great video highlighting women’s contributions to the modern world
  • James Bond stands up for equality in this awesome video
  • Women, children and men from Kabul to Sarajevo, Paris to Calgary, and Canterbury to Toronto all stood strong on bridges yesterday holding up banners, making a public statement that ‘Stronger Women Build Bridges of Peace’ in their support of women in war-torn areas.
  • Equal Voice honours ten women and three men who have been pivotal topaving the way for women in politics
  • CBC.ca has compiled a list of 10 international women trendsetters
  • The Vancouver Sun honours B.C. trailblazers in the women’s rights movement
  • And finally, for a bit of fun, journalist Andrea DeMeer suggests a few ways that women surpass men

By Nisha, GGC staff


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