Cookies Worth Fighting For???

I know that Girl Guide and Girl Scout cookies are popular amongst the masses.  The ongoing debate about the superior Girl Guide cookie always promotes heated discussion – for me it’s Classic Vanilla or nothing!  When I started at GGC, I only lasted a couple of days before satisfying my craving and buying my first box of cookies – and even that took a great deal of restraint!  But when I heard that Florida native Hersha Howard assaulted her roommate over Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, and I thought ‘are you serious????!!!!’

Obviously, Hersha Howard let her Cookie Monster get out of control and bit off more than she could chew.  On a lighter note, what have you done for a Girl Guide Cookie?

By Christine, GGC Staff


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2 Responses to Cookies Worth Fighting For???

  1. I don’t know about over there, but here in Australia we sell them just one month a year (only Girl Guides sell them so no competition). I buy myself a big carton to last until the next year.

  2. Callista says:

    Finally Girl Guides has a blog! I’ve been waiting and waiting. As a Girl Guide leader here in Canada, I have seen people who will ONLY buy the classic cookies and people who will ONLY buy the chocolate mint but there are FAR more people who prefer the classic cookies. I too agree those are the best.

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