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Fortnite – Girl Guide style

Mental health awareness: it’s a huge focus in our Girl Guide unit. We have several girls with severe anxiety issues and many girls with exceptionalities and sensitivities that we always take into consideration in all we do and in how … Continue reading

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Acceptance + Compassion: My wish list for teens like me who work a little harder on their mental health

My name is Kate. I’m 17 years old and in my final year of high school. I love science and reading and aspire to be a neuroscience engineer. And my mental health is something I work on. Every. Single. Day. … Continue reading

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We could learn a lot from girls when it comes to supporting mental health

Chill. Relax. Get over it. It’s no big deal. Don’t stress about it. Who hasn’t been given this kind of not-really-helpful-at-all advice when they’re struggling? And we all struggle from time to time – it’s totally normal for some days … Continue reading

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In Guiding, I’m not alone

When I was growing up we didn’t talk about mental health and mental illness. It wasn’t something we talked about at home. It wasn’t something we learned about at school. And it certainly wasn’t something we discussed at Girl Guides. … Continue reading

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What girls have to say about mental health

“I think mental health is  more normal than people think. If more people talked about it, it would become normal.” – 10-year old Guide  Girls have a lot to say about mental health, and we’re giving them the space to … Continue reading

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Reflecting on positivity

Our unit is just starting the Key to Me, and being the end of the year I really wanted to find something special for our girls to do. I knew it was recently Mental Health Week in Canada, and there … Continue reading

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Finding your courage

At this spring’s National Conference: Guiding Girl Greatness, four girl members spoke to delegates about their own personal experiences with our Mission keys –  confidence, courage, resourcefulness and making a difference – and how they have incorporated them into their … Continue reading

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Figuring Out Your Feelings

May 6 – 10 is Mental Health Week in Canada. This is a great time to consider how you deal with your feelings, or how you can help a child identify what she’s feeling. —————————————————————————————– This post is about your … Continue reading

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