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Members, volunteers, parents and girls! We welcome your comments,
tips and ideas. Let us know what’s going on in your community; share your resources and activity ideas; and tell us what Guiding means to you!

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Prepare and submit a short paragraph explaining the main idea that you will present in your guest blog post. Try to match your post idea with our blog style, topics and audience, by reviewing some of our past guest posts. When considering a topic, think about the Guiding calendar or special days in the upcoming 2+ months. Once you submit a pitch, you will hear back from us within 1-2 weeks’ time. Please do not send in a completed article before receiving approval for your pitch! Don’t have an idea? Ask us for a list GGCblog (at)

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Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada
50 Merton Street, Toronto ON M4S 1A3
(416) 487-5281
Email: GGCblog (at)

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15 Responses to Contact or Contribute

  1. Amber says:

    how do i make a blog since i am going to soar 2011 i would like to contribute a article!

    • Fantastic! All you need to do is pitch us an idea about your topic – in this case SOAR (i.e. how much fun it is, how to pack for it, how to make new friends, etc). I’m going to email you directly about this too.
      So glad you want to contribute!

      • amber says:

        thank you so much for choosing me ! i would like to dop this article about meeting new girlas and expirences plz email me asap so i can get started

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whatever font this website is in is not readable on my mac computer.

  3. Mary says:

    sorry, I’m likely asking my question in the wrong place. I would like to have my girls keeping track of and keeping up with the book club recommendations; they started brownies last month and it looks like the book club hasn’t been updated for a couple of months OR maybe I just can’t find it – if there is a current list, please direct me to it!! LOL!! Thanx.

  4. Rachel says:

    Detail related questoin! Just wondering, logistically, if we’re required to purchase these books for review. As a student, budget can get tight, but I’m interested in being an adult reviewer. New books can be competitive to take out of the library, and often have a long waiting list! For example, my library has six copies of the Innocents, all of which are out, plus two hold requests.


    • Hi Rachel,
      Glad you asked! Book reviewers will receive the book they are reviewing for free in the mail. We generally send out the book about two months before the review is due.
      Cheers and let us know if you have any more questions!
      We hope you email us your submissions-
      Social Media Coordinator, GGC

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  7. Ashley Haik says:

    Hey! Me and my friend made a Blog about the Girl Scouts of USA and Girl Guides of Canada (Shes a girl guide and im a girl scout), we are wondering is there any way to get our blog featured here? It would be so awesome! thanks so much! 😀

  8. Amy Bickmore says:

    I might be interested…where do I send my idea

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