How girls in Guiding are creating #abetterworldbygirls

At Girl Guides of Canada, we’re working towards a pretty important Vision – A better world, by girls. Through innovative and empowering activities, girls in Guiding are making their mark and shaping their world.  

Here’s a round-up of what Girl Guides across Canada are doing to create #abetterworldbygirls.

Exploring, experimenting, designing, creating. Balancing the equation when it comes to opportunities for girls in STEM is just part of the formula for shaping #abetterworldbygirls. 

Breaking glass ceilings? You better believe that’s a part of #abetterworldbygirls. 

Taking care of the world? That’s 100% a part of #abetterworldbygirls, too.

When girls have a safe space like Guiding where they feel free to talk openly about their experiences, goals and achievements, it’s a total thrill for them to stretch their limits and discover what they can achieve.

Ultimately, #abetterworldbygirls happens when girls have the chance to amplify their voices and make the world a better place in a way that matters to them. 

#abetterworldbygirls 💙 @girlguidesofcanada

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#abetterworldbygirls💙 @girlguidesofcanada

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Give her #abetterworldbygirls by being part of Girl Guides. Registration for fall 2018 is now open for current girl members.

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