The votes are in: Alberta Girls’ Parliament for the win!

Alberta Girls’ Parliament (AGP) is an annual event for Girl Guides to flex their political muscles and develop their public speaking and debating skills – and have a lot of fun, too! The parliament is a hands-on way for girls to get a realistic view of life in the political trenches. During the weekend event, they elect opposition leaders, a Speaker and roll up their sleeves for some serious parliamentary debates.


The 44th session of the Alberta Girls’ Parliament wrapped this weekend and the votes are in – the participants unanimously agree on the awesomeness of this event:

March31_CharlotteAGP is one of the highlights of my Guiding year. I love AGP because it helped improve my public speaking and makes me feel like my voice actually matters. We debate about relevant things that actually happen in the real world. It is so fun having meaningful intellectual conversations with people your age while still throwing shade. You learn a lot about politics and the world and get to meet tons of awesome, new people.  – Charlotte

March31_AlishiaI have to admit I was nervous that I wouldn’t fit in, but honestly I was completely wrong. The girls I met brought me out of my shell, they taught me things that I wouldn’t know otherwise. They taught me it was ok to be myself and they showed me that no matter how weird you are, there is always someone weirder (in a good way!). I have grown into a great speaker and debater. People say chances come along once in a lifetime and this is one of those. – Alishia


March31_Imogen At AGP girls truly show how they “share in the Guiding sisterhood.” The moment the bus took off we were already laughing and joking with one another. It is truly astonishing to hear the arguments and speeches delegates give. As a first time delegate, the first time I stood up I was shaky and my nerves were slightly rattled. Second time I became more confident. From then, members of the government (I am opposition) started “heckling” me. This mutual respect between the girls is truly the most awe-striking thing for me to experience. The girls here understand one another seamlessly and are completely supportive. – Imogen

March31_LizzyThis is my first time at AGP and I’m having a rad time. Our tour throughout the Legislature was a very interesting experience from the government caucus room, to the Premier’s office, to the sassiest question period based on the newly released budget. Being confident during debates is kind of hard at first, but is eventually getting easier. – Lizzy

March31_AnneDuring question period at the Legislature building, we were able to observe the behaviours of various Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). I find that if the greater voting population were also given this opportunity, quite a few would change their opinions and decisions. – Anne

March31_KristenAGP always includes a ton of fun, new learning experiences, and making new friends. This is my third year returning to AGP and each and every year girls stimulate amazing debates that really get me thinking about politics. AGP is fantastic for girls who are new to public speaking and girls who already love debate. – Kirsten

 Revised from a submission by the Alberta Girls’ Parliament

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