One girl – and the difference Guiding made for her

When GirlGuidesCANBlog received this email from Guider Jeannette Thompson, we just had to share it with you:

 My daughter is a Guide, and she has written about her experience in Guiding. This was an assignment that was given to her by her resource teacher to help her with putting her thoughts on paper. My daughter has a learning disability in which she has difficulties with ‘written expression’.  It isn’t very long – but it is heartfelt. I think it would make an amazing blog:

  • My most favourite thing to do on week nights is going to Girl Guides.  We go to Zap Attack, the Police Station, the movies and most of all camping.  Some camps we go to are Emily Park (15 minutes away), Adelaide (1 hour away), Doe Lake (3 hours away).  Did you do Girl Guides?  In Girl Guides we have lots of badges, we have several components to earn the badges.  You have 3 years in Guides and then you move onto Pathfinders, but there is a catch to it.  To move on we have to earn a Lady Baden-Powell award.  Sure, Girl Guides is all fun and games, but there are some rules to keep us safe like no bullying, no yelling, and most of all no going through people’s bags.  My leaders’ names are Katie and Trixie.  The uniform is dark blue on the edge of the sleeve and light blue on the shirt and old navy pants.  That’s why my favourite thing to do on weeknights is going to Girl Guides on Tuesdays!

    Meg (second from the left) with her unit at Bon Echo.

    Meg (second from the left) with her unit at Bon Echo.

    Meaghen Thompson
    Age 10
    1st Ennismore Guides


Meaghen was very excited about this assignment, but it did take some time to complete. Meaghen was very pleased with what she put together and met me at the door with the assignment so I could read it right away.  Meaghen loves Guiding.  She started as a Brownie on the advice of Mrs. Newby, her resource teacher, who thought that it would help with her confidence issues.

I have watched her grow over the past five years in ways I never imagined possible. Meaghen is now very goal-orientated and completes three to five badges per month.  We have used badges to help her learn research and writing skills.  Girl Guide badges are very well set up because she can complete one task and move onto the next one; it also aids in developing her organization skills.

The most wonderful accomplishment we have had with Guiding is her attendance at week-long camps.  She has been to Camp Adelaide for two summers (Explorers and Wilderness Adventures) and has been to Doe Lake for the March Break Camp and just got home from Doe this past weekend.  She has also learned canoeing skills which she is very excited about and has been teaching me!  She is considering going to the 2-week long – 4-day tripping camp at Doe next summer.   This is amazing growth for a child who had difficulty making friends in earlier years!

Guiding has provided her with opportunities and experiences that my husband and I would not have been able to. The wonderful thing about Meaghen’s piece is that it illustrates to me that she loves Guiding as much as I do.

Jeannette Thompson
2nd Ennismore Brownies, Ontario

Thank you so much to Jeannette and Meaghan for sharing their story with GirlGuidesCANBlog.


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3 Responses to One girl – and the difference Guiding made for her

  1. Audrey Forrest says:

    Excellent! I loved this story.

  2. Natasha Jai says:

    Love this… what an amazing affirmation of the work we do!

  3. Melody says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely story! It actually brought tears to my eyes!
    I am my daughter’s Spark leader. I never had any experience in guiding before last year. Sometimes being a volunteer can feel very overwhelming and time consuming but when you hear such a lovely story, you realize it is so worth the effort!! I am so honoured to be a part of something that has such an enormous impact on young girls lives.
    Thank you again for sharing 🙂

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